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Synaptics made a fingerprint scanner that fits in a volume rocker

by • February 18, 2016 • No Comments

Smartphone fingerprint scanners utilized
to look like an afterthought, but then Apple figured out how to stuff one into the home button and Samsung followed suit. Now Synaptics has a sensor which
can hide in a volume rocker.

They call their new sensor Natural ID, and according to Synaptics it offers manufacturers “the flexibility to fit small spaces which include
the edge of smartphones or tablets.” The sensor measures just 3.4mm wide — which is only of
half as thick as most of today’s flagship devices.

Is which
large adequate
to be effective? Synaptics say it is, and they have plenty of experience in biometrics to back which
up. They’ve may already
shipped more than 50 million biometric sensors, and which
number is only going to go on
to climb.

Synaptics says which
the sensor is amazingly
hard to fool, too. They’ve updated their SentryPoint software backend so which
it’s even advantageous
at distinguishing a real print coming from a finger with a pulse from a stolen print on a fabricated one.

When are you going to see a smartphone with an ultra-slim fingerprint scanner nestled within
its volume rocker? Synaptics didn’t have any images to go with their press release, but they will have something to show off at Mobile World Congress when it kicks off in a few days.

As for when you’ll in fact
be able to buy a phone with one of these slim little fingerprint scanners in it, Synaptics expects to begin
shipping them in the third quarter of 2016. There may be a device or two on sale by years’ end, or it may not surface until the first batch of new smartphones for 2017 gets revealed.

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