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Symbols + Science = Jewelry Styles for All

by • August 3, 2016 • No Comments

Looking to revamp your jewelry collection? Symbols are one way to manufacture a statement without going overboard. They in addition
lend as excellent conversation pieces for history buffs, trendsetters, and Biochem masters alike.
Our community across the globe has createing symbols down to an art and we are revealing you the creations you don’t want to miss.

As the masterminds behind Shapeways shop somersault1824, Belgium createers Idoya and Luk manufacture science appear sleek. Their minimalist necklaces are thoughtl
for channeling your inner lab geek and manufacture for surprising, sweet gifts.


Phi pendant of somersault1824

There is additional than meets the eye with Phi! This letter is the basis for the Golden Ratio, a principle often discovered math and science which
can be dated back to sacred architecture and art. One other significant fact to know: Products of somersault1824 assist science education. For each pendant sold, the createers invest $5 of the profit in educational resources for scientists, students and teachers with the aim to manufacture these resources on the market to eachone. Read additional of the cause here.

astrocyte pendant

Neuron pendant of somersault1824


DNA pendant of somersault1824

If you like this double helix, you may want to experiment with spirals of other Shapeways shops. Just don’t get it twisted! Instead, wear the Twisted Pendant by Jaacov Molcho, one of our featured createers in Sparks Across the Globe.

We in addition
love the pendants Antonios Bliss of Athens, Greece made. His creations reflect a modern version of symbols rooted in native New Mexico.


Native America Zia Sun Symbol Jewelry Pendant of Symbolica.

Any thought what the four parts of this pendant can represent? Here’s a hint: up to twenty various meanings can be discovered in total. Read additional of the multifaceted create here and discover other absorbing symbols in Symbolica.

Be certain
to check out other jewelry createers on Shapeways to find the symbol which
suits you and explore all the attractive options for eachday wear.

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