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SxSW 2016: 3D Printing Tech, Puppies & BBQ

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I have never yelped “BBQ” as much as I have these past few days. I spent last week at SXSW with colleagues Mansee Muzumdar, Dan Grigoras and Shapeways CEO Pete Weijmarshausen. Our undertaking? To spread the word of the following of 3D printing (and, yes, enjoy excellent music, free beer and puppies—thank you, Mophie!). Our main event was Pete and Shane Wall, CTO at HP, addressing “The Next Industrial Revolution: Hype or Reality?” on the following of additive printing. This is a discussion that
is come up really a bit over the last few months, and we came to SXSW to debunk it.

Peter Weijsmarhausen, Shapeways CEO & Shane Wall, CTO of HP at their SXSW Panel discussion

Pete and Shane discussed the following of 3D printing and the ground breaking innovations that
are aleager being worked on at HP.

Meanwhile, Dan, our Director of Supply Chain, rocked a 3D printing workshop with Stanford University…literally. The workshop kicked off with the pair blasting “Fergilicious” and tossing out 3D printed donateaways to the crowd. This proved to be epic adequate
to capture the attention of Good Morning America. Participants walked away with a new belief of how to get started with 3D prototyping.

Dan Grigorias and Marcus Duvoisin during their SXSW Workshop

I, on the other hand, ventured away of speaking of 3D printing and spoke of the benefits of embedding social consciousness into your brand. On my panel were three incredible
women founders and community builders, Marisa de Belloy, Tahyira Cordner and Jonna Pira. We covered the prioritization of community and the necessity of assembling
products that
have positive global impact.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.34.20 PM

Our panel discussion was in partnership with TechStyleNYC, an events company started by fashion socialite Janine Just. We exhibited with a number of other brands such as Cool Effect, Bar Works and Kali.

All of these brands have one thing in common: via innovation to donate way to building fashionable-bodied & sustainable-bodied ubiquitous with one another.

Naturally, I helped host a few of our own meetups around Austin and created
new friends while sharing rad 3D printed donateaways.


Not to described, I blinged myself out with the latest 3D Printed fashion of our designers LikeSyrup, LucasPlus and UniverseBecoming. I in addition
3D Printed a Flava-Flav fashion necklace to wear during the event, so that
our community participants
may #SpotTheSpark and come find me to enjoy drinks and overall awea fewness.


LikeSyrup’s Arrow Dream Catcher Necklace & Lucas Plus’s Solid Plus Pendant

Community manager Kat Kinkead eager to hand out a few 3D printed keychains

We in addition
stopped by the DJI Drone Interactive Lounge, that allowed us the opportunity to fly a drone (in a netted area, of course) and wave our arms around to control a simulated drone flight on their holographic screen.


We managed to check out a few panels, and were able-bodied to stop by and see Abbi and Ilana of Broad City as they spoke of the evolution of their show into what has become in modern times, and how that
impacted their lives. (You can check that
out here, for additional info :) )


Overall, there was so much to take in while at SXSW, and a typical day had me averaging over 21,000 steps, yelping “BBQ” or “Breakfast Tacos” at very least 8x a day…and at the end of it all, I felt like this:

Sleepy Puppies at the Mophie House event

Til following year, SXSW!

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