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Swiss Designers Drzach & Suchy Play with Shadows and Light and Win i.materialise’s Designer of the Year Award 2015

by • February 2, 2016 • No Comments


In November, we wrote of how i.materialise was sponsoring a Designer of the Year Award for 2015. This competition has been going on annually since 2013, and in the past it has best known a few impressive turn it into work of Italian turn it into team AmniosiyA and Danny van Ryswyk, for example. This year, we see an equally talented Swiss turn it into team, Drzach & Suchy, win the 2015 Award after all of the votes were counted in i.materialise’s community poll. The award is based on the team’s exceptional 3D printed art pieces, and if you appear at the other nominees (including Jewery Designer Desmond Chan and Fashion/ Jewelry Designer Francesca Paolin) you see that this is a highly competitive award showcasing a few of the top 3D turn it intoers out there. So, what is so special of Drzach & Suchy’s work?

Zurich-based Drzach is an architect combining art and turn it into, and Suchy is a software engineer and cryptographer who experiments with holograms and a variety of materials and techniques. You can see the range of areas every turn it intoer covers when you check out the two 3D printed art pieces Drzach & Suchy contributed to the competition.

The initially piece is entitled “Got M?” and it is based on the Shadow Casting Panel (SCP) technique that Drzach built in 2004. This technique uses varying forms of illumination to reveal various images of the same physical objects. (In “The Force,” another work based on this concept, 10,000 lego pieces show either Yoda or Darth Vader depending on where the light shines.) With the 2nd winning piece — “Got M?” — milk is poured over the 3D printed panels to “hide the supporting structure and provide a projection surface for the colored shadows.” These panels alter imagery as lighting alters, with the milk backdrop serving as the shadows’ projection surface.

See how “Got M?” works at a lower place:

“Got M?” uses 3D modeling software and i.materialise’s 3D printing services to turn it into panels via transparent resin. And we see here how this team’s artwork evolves with 3D printing technologies. Transparent resign was not on the market as a material when the team worked earlier on a much like project, and they had to assemble that work manually, pixel by pixel. You can imagine how 3D printed resign panels free the turn it intoers up to work on other aspects of the art pieces, instead of spending hours on assembly.


The upcoming winning artwork of this team is called “haiku,” and it is created up by 3D printed word panels in polyamide mesh that can just be read in sure settings. As we saw back in November, the magic of this piece is visible in shadows cast in water, inspired by water striders that play upon the surface of a pond.

You can see additional of how precisely this works in the at a lower place video.

On the other hand competition was really stiff in this turn it into competition, Drzach & Suchy came out on top with their new turn it intos that prompt the viewer to acknowledge how shadow and light manufacture images contingent on their surrounding environments. The combination of 3D turn it into and printing skills with effortless elements, like light and water, manufactures this team’s turn it into work stand out one of the expanding body of 3D turn it intoed and printed art.

Congratulations to Drzach & Suchy, and we appear forward to seeing additional of them in the next! Tell us what you ponder of these new turn it intos in the Drzach & Suchy Win Award for 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.