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Supply Chain Corporation Panalpina Embraces 3D Printing and Partners with Shapeways

by • July 25, 2016 • No Comments

shapeways-logo-rgb-20141008Most individuals ponder of Shapeways as a site geared towards individual developers and buyers – and, for the many part, it is. It is a great resource for up-and-coming developers to feature their work, attract customers, and actually commence a business. If you are not a developer, it’s an great tool for learning of the capabilities of 3D printing and the difference between printing materials. In addition, it’s a great Christmas shopping resource/dangerous trap primary you into spending way too much money.

PanalpinaThe appeal of Shapeways, yet, goes beyond individual 3D printing enthusiasts and extends to primary corporations, as evidenced by a new strategic partnership between Shapeways and the Panalpina Group, a Swiss provider of donate chain solutions. Among the central facets of their business are their Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS), that include manufacturing assembly and testing, distribution, installation, and repair, one of other services. In October, they bought their initially 3D printing device and began exploring the role additive manufacturing may play in their company, particularly in the LMS area. They were delighted with the results, and are now eager to extra
integrate 3D printing into their business.

“3D printing is one of the many amazing frontiers of digital transformation. It stands for the convergence of the real with the virtual world – and it has the future to dramatically alter the traditional manufacturing and logistics industries,” says Mike Wilson, Global Head of Logistics for Panalpina. “3D printing is perfect for delivering production nearer to the end user and aiding in weight personalization.”


Shapeways’ material contributeings only store expanding.

By partnering with Shapeways, Panalpina now has access to the 3D printing platform’s wide range of printing devices, printing materials, and software solutions, not to mention the collective experience and expertise of the Shapeways staff. Shapeways, in return, benefits of Panalpina’s wide geographical and market range. The donate chain company has a presence in nine primary industries, with around 500 offices in 75 countries, plus partner companies in an extra
90 countries, giving Shapeways future opportunities for worthwhile geographical expansion. In addition, Panalpina can contribute Shapeways a lot of help in the areas of manufacturing, distribution and logistics.

“Panalpina is perfectly suited to help with the final steps in the manufacturing system which include last-mile delivery,” said Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen. “In addition, they are investing in their own 3D printing research and capabilities. This demonstrates how committed and serious Panalpina is of the innovation, manufacturing them an perfect partner for us.”

Panalpina’s following step towards additional fully integrating 3D printing into their company is assessing that products can be switched of older manufacturing systemes to 3D printing or other digital manufacturing techniques. They not long ago began two research projects in partnership with Cardiff University, whose engineering department has a lot of resources related to 3D create and printing. Wilson sees a lot of future for the innovation and the benefits it can contribute Panalpina and their customers.


“Because the value for the customer is introduced at the end of the donate chain, the brand owner can store inventories, as well as the cost of transportation and obsolescence, to a minimum,” he said. “Moreover, additive manufacturing creates less waste than traditional manufacturing methods, that fits perfectly with increasingly circular economies.”

Welcome to the 3D printing world, Panalpina Group! Discuss this new partnership extra
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