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Super Bowl 50: Panthers’ All-Pro Linebacker Thomas Davis to Wear 3D Printed Arm Brace by White Clouds

by • February 3, 2016 • No Comments

white_clouds_logoMost of us are engaged in all the typical details and plans that we follow each year for the Super Bowl. Whilst we can add a little extra zip to the dip for the buffalo wings, we are yet manufacturing certain to have all the typical customs covered for the day of the game. Jerseys eager? Refrigerator in the garage stocked? Are we aleager well-versed in who is performing at half-time, as well as singing the national anthem?

Year after year, the just thing that’s not predictable with my family and friends is who can win. For this game, yet, Panthers’ All-Pro linebacker Thomas Davis can be sporting a thing new out on the field, in the form of a 3D printed arm brace, intended to reinforce the work done to his arm that has been rebuilt with a metal plate and twelve screws.

Obviously, with this being the Super Bowl, Davis’ arm has been well monitored, and he has been doing really well in practices by all accounts, with the 3D printed brace that was his choice one of several various other options.

“Thomas Davis is aleager the ‘bionic man’ in our book,” said Scott Perone of 3-D Elite, who, along with WhiteClouds 3D Printing, made the unique brace that Davis can wear on Sunday to play in the Super Bowl. “This personalized 3D brace lined with Poron XRD makes him a bit additional indestructible.”

super bowl braceAs practice commenced during Super Bowl 50 Media Night at the SAP Center, Davis had tested his 3D printed brace out fully—and successfully—it may seem.

“It was a light [practice] day, but I took each opportunity to hit it on a thing,” noted Davis.

WhiteClouds, responsible for supervising the construction of the 3D printed brace, is a spectacular company that indeed defines advancement, and we’ve covered their progress additional than once before—from projects with NASA, to expansion plans, to new acquisitions. For this project, they pulled off really the feat in designing, engineering, 3D printing, and bringing the arm brace in a really short period. Within eight hours, they had the piece completely engineered, and and so it was printed inside 30 hours on a Stratasys Connex 3D printing device.

The team at WhiteClouds created the brace with stiff plastic and rubber-like materials, enabling for a device that is firm but flexible, and can handle the significant amount of shock absorption required for someone like Davis. Internally, the brace is soft and spongy to add comfort—and in fact additional shock absorption. Holes allow for ventilation, and in addition allow for a additional lightweight form. Extra foam padding encases the entire brace, and really importantly—it is taped to the player so as to match the Panther’s team colors.Untitled

On the other hand Davis’ arm fracture is indeed yet healing, it’s hoped that he can in fact be playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

“When the doctors say he’s 100 percent, I’ll go with it,” said Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera. Davis may and so become the initially NFL player to wear a 3D printed piece of equipment in a game.

Broncos beware! Does anyone on your team have the power of 3D printing behind them? I live in Colorado, and having lived in several other says I speak with experience when I say that I have never seen a say with so most enthusiastic and proud residents and fans. If the Broncos do not win the Super Bowl, it can be a sad, sad scene here for a while. Knowing now that they have the Bionic Man to contend with is slightly worrisome! Discuss your thoughts on Davis’ hi-tech device in the 3D Printed Arm Brace for Thomas Davis forum over at 3DPB.com.