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Students Reveal Exceptional Talent with Thingiverse 3D Designs

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

3D printing education is all the rage, as it becomes clear that the innovation is capable of capturing the attention of young and old, teachers and students alike. Some students may be formally getting introduced to 3D printing through school curricula emphasizing 3D printing, while others may be only getting exposure at home or through friends and family participants. The fact that MakerBot hit an astounding one million uploads last October shows that it’s not only pro createers and engineers sharing their creations on Thingiverse. In fact, there are a lot of student createers out there: here’s a sample of five contributions of students, as MakerBot not long ago shared.

1. Medication Bottle Opener


Matt Sauer is a high school student who got the thought to create a medication bottle opener for the reason his father suffers of Multiple Sclerosis. The opener lies flat on the table; one early option of it included a handle, and there’s now one on the market without a handle. You only tip the medication bottle upside down into the opener and turn it. No wonder Matt has may already had several sales reps interested in marketing his medication bottle opener: it appears like a excellent thought.

2. Miniature Colosseum


Our next student create is inspired by a team of students, ages 13-17, in Greece who collaborate on createing and 3D printing famous monuments. These workshops are hosted at the UTech Lab, that is supported by the US Embassy in Athens. They’ve in addition createed Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon, Belem Tower, and Sagrada Familia, and they have 9 additional to go in this series of 15 monuments. Each create is introduced to a 3D printed map of Europe after it is printed. This is really the project, integrating science, innovation, and European/architectural history into one long-term educational endeavor.

3. 3D Printed Fork for Parkinson’s Sufferers


One other student create aimed at helping disabled individuals with basic day to day tasks is this EasyFork that makes it simpler for individuals who have gripping problems to feed themselves. This fork was createed by Brian Thornber, who is an 11th grader with hopes for a next in 3D printing. Thornber is off to a great begin with this create that he 3D printed on an XYZ Da Vinci 1.0. In order to see for by yourself how effortless it is to use this fork, check out the YouTube video on the create page. The fork create has been downloaded 151 times since it was posted in early October 2015, that is great news for Thornber’s next aspirations to be a 3D printing engineer.

4. 3D Printed Music Box


Yuval Dascalu is a 15-year-old Israeli student who utilized Inventor and Cura to create and print this music box that is created of 3 various parts: a handle, a base, and a wheel. Dascalu admits that createing the box was not an effortless task, and each part failed in the beginning, with the handle breaking when it was only touched. But, demonstrating a sturdy dedication to the create, Dascalu continued to transform it until the plastic parts stayed together and in fact played music!

5.Education Model of a Bacteriophage


Last in this review of awe-inspiring 3D creations by students, we have an educational version of a bacteriophage by Aidan Leitch of New York. Aidan is quite active in the Thingiverse community, going by XYZAidan and creating several astounding creations, and taught himself much of 3D create and printing principles of messing around with his own 3D printing device. This particular version has helped blind students advantageous know the concept of how a virus infects a cell/bacteria, and Aidan has contributed 37 other creations that you can check out on his Thingiverse page. Discuss in the Thingiverse 3D Prints forum over at 3DPB.com.