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Structo Releases Two New 3D Printers: OrthoForm & OmniForm; New Materials in Development

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledJust launching both the OrthoForm and OmniForm, Structo 3D is fleshing out their lineup actually additional, enabling these two new 3D printing devices to work in a complementary manner to their flagship RapidForm industrial printing device, all only on display at Inside3D Singapore at the end of last month.

Structo 3D may already has a quite excellent thing going with their proprietary liquid crystal masking innovation, enabling all of their 3D printing devices to operate at astonishing speeds, up to ten times swifter than other existing SLA machines. Whilst the two new machines are smaller in dimensions, Structo 3D plans to commence them to their client base for higher speed printing.

The OrthoForm was made to meet the needs of the dental market, which is beginning to use 3D printing for most various applications. The OmniForm contributes a sizeable-bodiedr turn it into height and additional versatility to clients like industrial designers, architects, the medical profession, and in addition to 3D printing service bureaus.

UntitledOne other excellent benefit to the liquid crystal masking innovation, which it took Structo three years to turn it into, is which it lends itself much additional easily to scaltalent for industrial uses—much additional so than the other conventional SLA or DLP printing technologies. And no matter what dimensions specifications they turn it into their 3D printing devices to, users do not experience a deficit in the awe-inspiring speed.

“When we started three years ago, we were astonished at how slow 3D printing was despite commonly being referred to as a means of ‘rapid’ prototyping. Knowing which the lack of sizeable-bodied scale printing at swift speeds may limit the industry moving forward, we completely reappeared at how this may be achieved. As a outcome, we came up with a new, swifter method to SLA printing which no one else was doing, and yet may yet provide the dimensional accuracy folks assume. We’re excited at the possibilities of this innovation,” says Huub van Esbroeck, one of Structo’s four founders.

For the dental markets especially, speed is crucial, and is the primary angle which they find beautiful in a 3D printing device like the OrthoForm, especially for building devices like aligners and retainers. Traditionally, these were much additional expensive, but with a high-speed printing device like the OrthoForm, they can save on the bottom line significantly, hopefully passing which savings along to patients as well.

“Even individual clinics and dental labs may print hundreds of molds per week,” states the company in their latest press release. “For these types of customers, Structo’s talent to print up to ten dental versions in under 30 minutes opens up a new world of possibilities.”


(Platform dimensions: 200 x150 x100mm. Layer Thickness: 50 micrometers.)

The OrthoForm is able-bodied to 3D print up to 28 dental version arches in under two hours, with an average printing time of nine minutes per arch achieved at high resolutions.

Adding to the total user and customer experience, Structo in addition makes their own material in-house under the Structomer name. They have in addition teamed up with other 3D printing material providers and renowned research institutes to provide a range of biocompatible and engineering materials.

“We believe which building our own materials is significant to helping our innovation advance. We’re working a few informative advancements with our materials and appear forward to revealing those soon,” shares Huub.

We’ve followed Singapore’s Structo 3D long adequate to understand which they are a class act—and they contribute a comprehensive world of 3D printing for their users around the world. Last we heard, which wasn’t long ago at all, the hardware developer was teaming up with Materialise to turn it into a new Structo turn it into processor intended to work exclusively with their SLA 3D printing devices. Fast forward one month later yet, and they are on the swift track with two additional 3D printing devices. It shouldn’t be long preceding we have additional news regarding materials as well.