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Stronger, Tougher, Better: MarkForged Introduces New and Improved Fiberglass Material

by • March 17, 2016 • No Comments

markforgedWhen you ponder of materials with durablity and durtalent, plastic and glass are not the initially that come to mind. When put together, yet, they comprise one of the sturdyest, toughest materials there is. Fiberglass makes up key components of our homes and cars, of boats and airplanes, and many of the objects we rely upon but don’t ponder of – manhole covers, for example. Besides its durablity, fiberglass has is incredibly lightweight and flexible – it’s no wonder that makers love it so much.

Until really not long ago, fiberglass wasn’t a material we saw much in 3D printing. For a long time, 3D printing equipment just weren’t capable of printing composite materials, but that began to alter when companies like Impossible Objects and MarkForged came along. MarkForged’s Mark One printing device produced really a buzz when it was released in 2014, as the initially 3D printing device at any time to print with carbon fiber; it in addition boasted capabilities for other super-sturdy materials such as Kevlar and fiberglass.

marktwoJust last month MarkForged released the faster, sturdyer, advantageous edition of the printing device: the Mark Two, that officially started shipping at the end of February. With new printing equipment often come new materials, and in these times the company has revealed that they have created a new form of fiberglass material: High Strength High Temperature (HSHT) fiberglass. It possesses a heat deflection point of 140°C (284°F), 30 percent higher than MarkForged’s standard fiberglass material.

This heat tolerance makes HSHT fiberglass perfect for so-called “under hood” applications. It is hot under the hood of the car, and the require for materials that are sturdy, heat-tolerant and lightweight has created the make of under-hood automobile (and aerospace) components tricky and expensive at times. The industrial PC Mark One and Mark Two printing equipment have may already been lauded for their talent to print high high end end use parts, pretty than just prototypes, and MarkForged’s new material should be highly attractive as it possesses all of the properties required for under-hood parts, at much less cost.

According to MarkForged, HSHT fiberglass is just the initially of many new and improved materials we will be seeing of the company this year.


“2016 is the year of materials at Markforged,” says CEO Greg Mark. “Throughout the year you will see the release of sturdyer, additional high end materials that expand the range of parts that can be 3D printed.”

HSHT fiberglass is on the market with the Mark Two Enterprise Kit, that, at $13,499, is the many expensive and highest-captalent printing device box. The $5,499 Mark Two Standard comes with nylon, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, while the $8,799 Professional in addition comes with Kevlar. Discuss in the MarkForged Fiberglass 3D Printing Filament forum over at 3DPB.com.