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Stratasys Unveils New J750 Multi-Color Multi-Material 3D Printer

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  • Among the many amazing product lines that Stratasys now offers, thanks to its merger with Objet, is the Connex series, that offers multi-color, multi-material 3D printing like no other on the market. Now, Stratasys has only revealed the latest 3D printing device in that line: the J750, that is able-bodied to mix and match full-color gradients for realistic 3D prints that need no post-systeming. This system is a big upgrade to the Connex3, capable-bodied of mixing three materials into one print, in that it can mix up to six various resins into a single print.

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    The J750 has a vast palette of over 360,000 various color shades, as well as a number of material properties, which include rigid, flexible, opaque, and transparent. As a outcome, turn it intoers can complete realistic prototypes not easy by any system on the market, yet HP is promising that its MultiJet Fusion advancement may be a contender. Along with the system, Stratasys has released the new PolyJet Studio™, that gives users the talent to select materials, optimize prints, assign colors, transparency, and rigidity. At the same time, the J750 is turn it intod to be quicker and additional efficient than previous PolyJet systems, due to newly turn it intod print heads, outcomeing in twice the speed of Connex machines.


    Josh Claman, Chief Business Officer at Stratasys, said of the new machine, “With the introduction of the J750, we are harnessing additional than 25 years of experience to set a new historical milestone in 3D printing – reaffirming our dedication to store our customers always on the cutting edge of advancement. With its one-stop realism, the J750 is really just a game changer. By combining full color with multiple materials and a streamlined workflow, it recalibrates the impact of 3D printing in the product development cycle. Informed turn it into decisions can be turn it intod immediately after ideation. The time saved by eliminating the painting and assembly system can lead to faster product delivery times. And the fact that the J750 is a multi-purpose system that can in addition turn it into production tools, making molds, teaching aids, and other models raises the bar in 3D printing versatility.”


    Brycen Smith, engineering technician supervisor for OtterBox, speaks of their use of the new system, saying, “We’ve utilized 3D printing devices for years, but nothing has come close to revolutionizing our turn it into and ideation system the way the Stratasys J750 has. Stratasys allows for us to innovate in ways we never yett possible and gives us the talent to turn it into true product-matching prototypes and to cut down the time necessary to bring products to market. The Stratasys J750 is a game-changer for both OtterBox and the 3D printing industry.”

    Stratasys PolyJet advancement is easily one of the many astounding on the market and they’ve only outdone themselves with this latest upgrade. Now, we only wait to see if HP can compete. For additional information on the J750, Stratasys has published an eBook dedicated to the topic here.


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