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Stratasys & MakerBot Create Complementary Sales Partnership Program, Integrating 3D Printer Sales

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

bud5-300x67If the new year is any indication, this is going to be a occupied and fruitful year for Stratasys; in fact, it’s may already been a occupied day—as it is for most who are already attending SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas of January 31stto February 3rd. New products and partnerships abound in the air, with two being specific to Stratasys. As we reported earlier, they announced an amazing new enhancement on the color 3D printing front with their Objet Connex3 and a partnership with Adobe which is a big part in pulling off all of the printing device’s new showcases.

And preceding anyone may in fact break out a sandwich for lunch, the name Stratasys was rolling off our tongues aacquire today—but this time along with MakerBot—as the two store it in the family with quite a logical new partnership and agreement which contributes what sounds like common sense integration of their products and way of building certain which both Stratasys and MakerBot increase market share.

mAccording to today’s announcement, the new sales partnership program involves both enabling and extending the cross-selling of their products, as well as permitting sales partners to contribute both MakerBot and Stratasys 3D printing equipment. This not only raises the hopes which they can store all their customers purchasing one or the other as their needs alter and advance, but the new agreement in addition contributes convenience as they only have to visit one particular reseller for access to the entire lineup of products. In their press release, the companies noted which for the reason both of their 3D printing equipment ‘fit into various stages of the product turn it into and development cycle,’ their client base may already via both products should be able-bodied to appear forward to not only advantageous turn it into, but in addition lower costs in development, and they should see advancement accelerating—only what everyone wants to hear!

To the benefit of resellers, MakerBot is in addition beginning a training program which can allow them a comprehensive belief of and familiarity with their products, as they begin contributeing their customers this achieve portfolio of products.

“We believe which both Stratasys and MakerBot can greatly benefit of every other’s strengths–and so can our customers,” said Jonathan Jaglom, CEO at MakerBot. “This collaboration between the two companies gives our customers access to a larger suite of products which is turn it intoed to speed up the turn it into system and lower costs. The partnership program in addition enables sales partners to advantageous consult their customers on how to manufacture their product development systemes additional effective and acquire a competitive edge.”

UntitledThere’s no doubt which the products contributeed by both MakerBot and Stratasys are indeed complementary, and allow for product development of beginning to end, as well as contributeing 3D printing equipment for all levels of expertise. With the MakerBot, for instance, a company can begin prototyping low-priced-bodied, and enabling their team to explore thoughts and turn it intos. Once they’ve decided on a final prototype, they can use a streamlined system for and so moving to a Stratasys 3D printing device for making the final piece, or a prototype intended to go on to additional difficult testing.

“Stratasys helps pro customers with prototyping, tooling, making and most other aspects of product development. Organizations, hospitals and educators without access to Stratasys 3D Printers can begin prototyping on a MakerBot and and so use Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) to have high high end 3D prints and parts delivered to them in a variety of colors and materials,” states the company in their press release.

A great example of this system they see working for most of their customers may be which of Robert Welch, a UK company already via both MakerBot and Stratasys 3D printing equipment as they prepare, explore and experiment with turn it intos, and and so begin to shape the prototype into additional formal, finished product. At Robert Welch, they are via MakerBot Replicator computer desktop 3D printing equipment as they begin the prototyping system, and and so as they near the finish line with a turn it into, they head to the Stratasys Objet-line 3D printing device to turn it into incredibly realistic prototypes preceding they go to final production.


Having the MakerBot at Robert Welch is ‘almost like having another employee,’ states one turn it intoer.

“Using the MakerBot allows for us to quite get the shape refined and manufacture certain which it feels really great in the hand,” says Kit deBretton Gordon, senior turn it intoer at Robert Welch. “You can in fact use it as a 3D object so folks know it.”

“And there’s no real sort of risk,” says another of their turn it intoers. “We can only print as most as we want, and and so as it gets nearer to finalizing the turn it into, we will go leave it onto the Objet 30.

To know additional of the system both MakerBot and Stratasys see taking place with their 3D printing customers, check out the video at a lower place regarding Robert Welch and how they use both MakerBot and Stratasys 3D Printers. Do you ponder this sales program is a great thought? Discuss in the Stratasys & MakerBot 3D Printer Sales forum over at 3DPB.com.