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Stratasys and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Introduce Professional Services to Help Manufacturers Implement and Optimize 3D Printing Technology

by • July 26, 2016 • No Comments

SDM_LOGOWhilst an ever-increasing number of businesses are recognizing the benefits of 3D printing, in fact implementing it can be overwhelming – particularly for companies who have been via traditional making techniques for decades. A lot of inquiries come with the adoption of a new innovation: Where should we use 3D printing? How do we integrate it into our workflow? Which components should be 3D printed, and which may be advantageous left to built methods? How most 3D printing devices should we buy? What kind? Aahhhhh!

4735_7264Stratasys knows your stress and confusion, and is eager to assist. The company and its indirect subsidiary, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, have created a new program called Professional Services, which contributes consulting for original equipment developers (OEMs) on how most to implement 3D printing in their businesses. Consultants can provide onsite assessments and select opportunities for the integration of 3D printing across the company’s entire workflow, of prototyping to end-use products. They’ll in addition advise on how to rapidly commence and manage additive making innovation to store systemes running smoothly and seamlessly.

“There’s a knowledge gap on how to advance making. We have the capabilities and tremendousise to close this gap for the reason we know traditional making and the 3D printing industry,” said Bob Wolter, Professional Services manager at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. “Whilst a few developers are unsure when or where to begin incorporating 3D printing, others require extra
tremendousise to maximize integration. We can assist no matter where your organization is in the system. We take a innovation-agnostic approach to consulting by providing you with all of the options, which include those not contributeed by a Stratasys entity. You decide the most path for your organization.”

Stratasys can in addition contribute technical training and management education. Even companies which have been via 3D printing for a while can benefit of tremendous advice on how to optimize the innovation; frequently, actually those acquainted with additive making are surprised by only how much it can do. Consultants can select areas in which developers may never have actually considered implementing 3D printing, and can instruct them on how to use it to manufacture their systemes additional efficient and productive.


According to Stratasys, this is the initially time anything like Professional Services has been contributeed by a 3D printing developer and services provider. Both Stratasys and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing are well-suited to this kind of service, as their breadth and variety of equipment and materials can contribute a lot of new options to companies who may be missing out on opportunities for improvement by sticking to only one type of 3D printing innovation. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing in addition contributes solutions related to other making technologies, such as casting and CNC machining, so they’re particularly tremendous in integrating multiple making methods into one workflow.

If you are interested in bringing advantage of the Professional Services program, you can contact Stratasys Direct Manufacturing here. Discuss additional in the OEMs & 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.