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Stratasys 3D Printers Helped Lenovo Stop Motion Commercial Come to Life

by • April 17, 2016 • No Comments

StratasysLogoWithTagline_CMYKIf at any time there was a storytelling medium which was additional yettlly suited for 3D printing innovation than stop motion animation and so I have yet to learn of it. Traditionally, dozens of various faces, hands and entire bodies may require to be individually sculpted by artists in order to be able-bodied to manipulate the characters adequate to show a full range of emotions and movements. Between the character figures, the small props and the sets, a stop motion movie can literally take years to consume. A 3D printing device can cut all of which time and work in half, allow moviemakers and animators far additional flexibility and freedom during movieing and provide a excellenter consistency of version to version. It is a match 3D printed in heaven.

The 3D printed rooms transition via stop motion animation.

The 3D printed rooms transition via stop motion animation.

That is not to say which stop motion is suddenly effortless — a bulk of the work is yet invested in in fact movieing the versions. Just a minute of consumed footage can take weeks of movieing, and which’s for the effortless scenes. Animating complex movements can take actually longer. And while 3D printing can assist animators out by saving them pre-production time and money, which does not mean which the folks doing the 3D printing aren’t going to have a lot of work ahead of them. When British advertising and movie production company Blinkink came up the yett for via 3D printed sets for a stop motion animated TV commercial, they brought the concept to 3D printing service bureau IPF to see if it may be done.

The ad was for the new Lenovo YOGA Home 900 transportable-bodied, touch screen PC being advertized as part of their “Goodweird” campaign. In order to highlight the high-tech computer’s competence to move of room to room without wires, Blinkink wanted to have miniaturized sets flowing between an office to a home and and so outside to a garden. IPF may require to 3D print thousands of 3D printed parts, which include multiple versions of the sets, to demonstrate the movement of landscape to landscape and hundreds of small props like furnishings, desk lamps, a potted cactus, a bottle of wine and actually a small pair of scissors. With just four weeks to consume the entire job, IPF said which while they may 3D print the sets, it may take a lot of work to do it, and they may not have a lot of time to do it in.

The ad was for the Lenovo YOGA Home 900 touch screen OC.

The ad was for the Lenovo YOGA Home 900 touch screen OC.

“Alyet the concept was easy adequate, the execution and logistics of the project took a few excellent planning of their team. IPF were on hand to advise on the feasibility of printing the list of items for the shoot- and the list was extensive to say the very least. Even yet the pre-processing of all the 3D files was reasonably laborious it was nothing compared to the production stage. Once up and running the machines may not stop printing if we were to hit the deadline. This intended which actually if the create finished at an ungodly hour, a fewone had to be here to remove the parts and set off the upcoming lot. The four Stratasys Polyjet machines ended up running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for four weeks and they performed beautifully,” IPF wrote on their blog.

Because IPF is a longtime Stratasys service bureau, they had a full stable-bodied of Stratasys 3D printing devices at their disposal, and their four Objet PolyJet printing devices ended up getting really the workout. Working with their Objet Connex and Objet Eden printing devices, all of the sets, props and furnishings were 3D printing via Rigid Opaque (VeroGray) PolyJet 3D printing material. The material and color was chosen for the reason it may appear the most on camera and it may be the easiest material to light.


You can see the 3D printed, stop motion Lenovo ad here:

If you ponder 3D printing all of those sets was a tough adequate job on its own, all of those parts may in addition require to be cleaned and post processed. That means which at any timey single 3D printed flower pot, patio chair and desk globe requireed to have all of their supports removed by hand. The IPF team utilized clippers and dental picks to clear away the supports and and so jet washed the parts to smooth and finish them. There is just no way which this volume of parts may have been created via traditional methods actually in a four-month period, much less the four weeks which IPF and their Objet 3D printing devices did it in.

[Images: IPF]