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A virtual Noah’s Ark of animals has now been helped through the use of 3D printing by caring humans. From sea creatures, like the Robo Turtle, to forlorn fowl, like Beauty the Bald Eagle, 3D printing has played a crucial role in rehabilitating these animals for the wild. The latest story surrounds a Lithuanian Stork, assisted by local 3D printing device developer Mass Portal.

stork with 3D printed orthosis CAD

The stork had been found in the countryside, tangled in threads and ropes. With a deformed left foot and a right foot that had become injured beyond the point of functioning properly, the stork was unable to walk or stand and was suffering a excellent amount of pain. To resolve the issue, his caretakers take oned numerous therapeutic options, without any great results. And amputation may not be performed for the reason it was unlikely that such a tiny bird may survive the stress of anesthesia and surgery.

stork 3D printed prototype orthosis

So, it occurred to his caretakers to treat the bird the way that a few humans are treated, via orthoses. In turn, they turned to Mass Portal, who worked to turn it into custom orthoses for the stork. To do so, the Mass Portal team measured its leg and created custom orthoses. In an take on to mimic the properties of its own legs, the team 3D printed the device of NinjaFlex, that can be both durable and flexible the way that the bird’s legs were.

stork wearing 3D printed orthosis

After making several iterative prototypes, Mass Portal finalized a create and fit the device to the stork, via a tiny bit of sponge as assist. Today, the bird is attempting to walk and stand on its feet additional frequently. But it yet relies on its caretakers for survival, the outlook is great for this stork, demonstrating that 3D printing quite is for the birds.

stork with 3D printed orthosis

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