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Step Inside Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory With Virtual Tours of Facility’s 3D Printing Labs and the World’s Biggest Laser

by • August 18, 2016 • No Comments

450px-LLNL-logoSome of the many informative work being done with innovation now a days takes place at Lawrence Liveradditional National Laboratory. Located in Liveradditional, California, the researchers at LLNL have been responsible for impressive work with 3D printing devices in addition to other innovation. Their breakthroughs include finding methods to control emissions, the createment of advantageous solar energy plants, the improvement of electronic devices, and so much additional – and the 3D printing-related work we cover is only scratching the surface of all things that goes on at the lab.

A lot of what LLNL does can stay unknown to the general public, too. The lab is a high-security facility responsible for a lot of the United States’ national security, and much of its work needs to stay top secret – particularly for the reason that work involves nuclear deterrence. The US Department of Energy, yet, that oversees LLNL along with 16 other National Laboratories, announced a few parts of the lab to the public through two 360-degree virtual tours.

llnlOne of those tours takes viewers inside three of LLNL’s 3D printing laboratories. The initially, one of two entirely dedicated to the 3D printing of metal parts, houses a fully 3D printed rocket engine that took eight days and $10,000 to print. Its difficult structure, that comes with fuel channels running the length of the engine body, may have been not easy to create with traditional making methods, LLNL explains – plus, when it comes to rocket engines, $10,000 is seriously bargain-priced.

One other piece of significant research bringing place in LLNL’s metal 3D printing labs relates to the metal printing process itself. Metal additive making, while it’s exploded into only of each industry inside the last year, is yet quite much a work in progress, and printed metal parts are frequently plagued with small defects that can seriously affect the integrity and performance of the part – not great when you are dealing with aerospace components in particular. LLNL is working to ideal the process, creating consistently flawless metal parts, and they’ve not long ago released a few of their key research into the issues of metal printing. In the tour, you can peer into the lab where that research takes place – and get a brief lesson on selective laser melting, too.

llnl2The following stop of the tour takes us into the lab where researchers are working on the createment of new materials. A team of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and material scientists work with high end 3D printing techniques – such as projection micro-stereolithography, that empowers the creation of super-strong, super-light micro-lattices. So there’s electrophoretic deposition, an LLNL-createed process that allows for multiple materials to be incorporated into one structure – which include conductive materials. We in addition get a appear at direct ink writing, that the researchers are via to create graphene aerogel for advantageous energy storage space, in addition to several other applications like stronger football helmets.

Finally, the tour takes us into the bioprinting lab, where researchers have been working on 3D printing functional blood vessels. So go ahead – step inside the laboratory responsible for a few of the many significant research in the world.

The other tour takes virtual visitors into the National Ignition Facility, that houses the world’s biggest laser process as well as a few of the world’s top scientists as they work on the createment of fusion ignition, clean energy, nuclear power, and much additional – not to mention research into the universe itself. Take a appear:

LLNL made the virtual tours as a way for the public to get only a little bit of an inside appear at the amazing work taking place at the lab, but in addition to attract future new employees. There are already hundreds of job openings at the lab, so if you’d like to be a part of the unprecedented research and createment taking place at Lawrence Liveradditional National Laboratory, take a moment to peruse their job listings – you can only find a fewthing that is ideal for you. Discuss additional over in the LLNL Virtual Reality 3D Printing Lab Tour forum at 3DPB.com.

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