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Startup 3Dexter Brings Experiential Learning Through 3D Printing to India’s Classrooms

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments

logo2One of the fastest-growing markets in the 3D printing industry is that of India. The country, that initially lagged a bit behind other regions in terms of adopting 3D printing innovation, has pretty made up for it with rapid expansion of the innovation in the healthcare, car, aerospace, defense and electronics industries. With all of the new jobs made through the development of 3D printing, the next step is training individuals to fill those jobs – and, like each other country seeing a new 3D printing-centered economy unfold, the focus is now on educating children so that they can be experts by the time they’re eager to graduate into the workforce.

One company dedicated to doing just this is 3Dexter, a Dehli-based service bureau founded last year. Unlike most 3D printing service bureaus, yet, prototyping is not the company’s main selling point. What manufactures 3Dexter stand out is their educational services. By contributeing a one-of-a-kind combination of curriculum, custom printing equipment and workshops, 3Dexter has aleager become one of India’s major providers of hands-on technological education to young students, and it’s not just of teaching 3D printing as a next job ability. The innovation is in addition a valuable tool for education in other areas of the classroom.


“3D printing equipment assist as a revolutionising tool to aid most areas of education and provide teachers with new ways of getting their message across,” the 3Dexter team states. “Young students get bored with lots of text, producing information visible assists but printing it in 3 size truly captures the student’s interest. By via a 3D printing device, any class can automatically be transformed in an interactive learning experience…Difficult concepts can not just be visible but in addition tangible. Anything normally drawn out on the black board can now be explained through models that students can touch and investigate of any angle.”

maurya1The company was started by a group of young individuals just a few years out of school themselves, so they’re quite acquainted with the Indian education process and the areas in that it is lacking. According to Marketing Director Raunak Singhi, there is a serious deficit in experiential learning, and that is a gap 3Dexter intends to fill through the implementation of “mini factories,” in that students actively learn by doing. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged, with 3Dexter espovia the motto “Visualize Design Create.”

3Dexter’s curriculum is compatible with CBSE, IB and ICSE boards. Representatives of the company travel to schools, train students in 3D printing, and assist them to set up labs. 3Dexter and so continues to follow up with the students on a regular basis as they participate in projects and assessments. So far, they have implemented their curriculum in 9 schools, facilitated 17 workshops, and seen 15 projects to completion.

maps2It is complex to argue with 3Dexter’s vision for education after seeing the enthusiasm and engagement with that students react to active learning. It is rare to see a young man who does not light up with excitement and interest when initially presented with a 3D printing device and its capabilities. It is like a new toy – one that can be utilized to turn it into art, create experiments, and otherwise be utilized to explore just of each school subject. Learning becomes additional like play, and that is just one benefit of experiential learning, that in addition allows for students’ minds to understand things additional concretely and solve problems additional actively.

“3Dexter is the initially of its kind and we want to manufacture the most of it,” 3Dexter’s Product Development Executive, Smarth Kwatra, told the Financial Express. “We contribute schools a box that comprises trainers, printing equipment, raw materials and our assist round the clock. We wish to manufacture a alter in the way children learn and want to equip them with the innovation of next. For all we understand, we can manufacture the most tedious subject turn informative for a kid.”

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