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Squink Users: Now You Can Look Forward to Making Multi-Layered Circuits, Upgrade for Just $400

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

Squink with UV box

Squink with UV box

BotFactory is a extra
recent—and really relevant—startup that we’ve covered, as they plunged into the industry with a bang on Kickstarter with Squink, the 3D printing device that allows for you to integrate circuit boards into your innovations by laying down conductive ink onto silverboards. Whilst at initially their quirky little name was a curiosity, it rapidly settled into being unquestionably described by their dynamic and versatile hardware, that we’ve followed actually extra
not long ago as they worked diligently to manufacture improvements to their toolhead, enabling you to pick-and-place components on rigid or flexible substrates.

Now, the company is letting us in on their latest developments as they announce multi-layer capaptitude for the Squink, to be shown off soon at the Printed Electronics Europe Show 2016 of 27-28 April 2016 in Berlin. Dedicated Squink users, as well as those yet thinking purchasing one of the printing devices, should be really thrilled to hear that now, one year later, they can not just print and create a PCB right of their PC, but they can in addition be able-bodied to do this on a extra
difficult level, resulting in extra
detailed, multilayered circuits and overall greater aptitude in prototyping.

The company has informed us that with this capaptitude, casually being called the ‘Multilayer Package,’ the printing device can run you $3500 in total, and they see that as incredibly low-priced-bodied in comparison to other innovation being contributeed, with this being the just printing device to contribute PC capaptitude.

“Squink can do precisely what Nano Dimensions claims they can do, but at 1/10th the cost and they don’t include significant functionalities like pick-and-place,” JF Brandon of BotFactory told 3DPrint.com. “In addition, we deplete well with Voltera as they cannot do multiple layers or pick-and-place assembly like ours.”

FlexCircuit up close 2400x2400

FlexCircuit seen up close.

The secret to the new box is a curing lamp and a new cartridge filled with insulating ink that is in addition compatible with the company’s Advanced Ink. When the lamp is placed on top of the circuit, curing ensues via UV light. Users are able-bodied to print the ink on top of conductive traces or on top of an insulating layer, according to the BotFactory team in their latest press release. This specially formulated and insulated ink was in addition created to enhance materials that are porous or stretchable-bodied and don’t work well with Advanced Ink.

“Application of an extra
layer of insulating ink on top of the the upper conductive layer is in addition an version to preserve the exposed traces,” states the BotFactory team.

With concern to software, those via the new Multilayer Package can yet be able-bodied to appear forward to manufacturing creations with CAD tools such as:


“Squink can use the exported GERBER files to create the printing strategy and guarantee connection between various layers via stacked VIAS,” states the team. “BotFactory is officially assisting two-layer boards and encourages users to experiment with extra

They do project assist for actually extra
layers really soon, and point out that being able-bodied to multilayer has grown into a requirement for the reason ICs are so complex these days. In addition, users and manufacturers both are extra
interested in a ‘smaller footprint’ for electronics. With this capaptitude, BotFactory predicts that ‘prototyping pains’ in applications such as wearable-bodieds, IoT, applications for the medical field, education, avionics and extra
can be eliminated.

Close-up Multilayer Arduino

Close-up Multilayer Arduino

The box can be contributeed as follows:

The standalone ‘Insulating Package’ – To be ordered as an upgrade for $400.The new ‘Squink Professional Set’ – To be ordered as a bundle which include the Squink, Advanced Ink cartridge, FR4, and the Multilayer Package for $3500.

If you are interested in pre-ordering either, they can be on the market-bodied at BotFactory of April 27-May 15, with shipping commencing on May 23rd.

And as a special note: BotFactory is in addition of to be honored with the Technical Development Manufacturing award by IDTechEx, presented at the show on April 28th. Congratulations, and well done! What are your thoughts on this new version? Discuss in the 3D Printing Circuit Boards & Multilayer Capabilities forum over at 3DPB.com.

[All images shared with 3DPrint.com by BotFactory]

The UV box with cartridge.

The UV box with cartridge.