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Squeeze (And Hammer) Your Own 3D Printed Donald Trump Stress Ball

by • March 14, 2016 • No Comments

tru2There are most various views circulating of US presidential contender and real estate mogul Donald Trump, who seeks the Republican Party nomination for the next 2016 presidential election in November. You may see Trump’s meteoric rise in the political world as an aberration. His popularity is a thing that can pass in time, as the voting US can no doubt become sensible of choosing additional experienced and well-groomed candidates who can do the job without the loose cannon rhetoric and vitriolic flair that has marked Trump’s candidacy so far. Sound acquainted? Or, like the new Trump rally protesters in Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City, you may view his candidacy as a serious threat to US democracy — replete with hate speech that has violent real world consequences we can not afford to ignore. (And, unquestionably, most manufacturers have not been ignoring politics lately…)

Regardless of your specific views, there’s a sturdy argument to be created that Donald Trump is stressing folks out across the political spectrum. (He obviously has a stressful effect on his supporters as well as his opponents.) Why not take that stress out on a 3D printed replica of Trump’s infamous, toupee-d head?

tru3Stress balls are tiny plastic objects usually kept around the house or office to be squeezed when a fewone feels the require to relieve a few physical tension caused by forces probably outside of the individual’s control. And what advantageous inorganic form than a stress ball in the shape of Donald Trump’s head may there be for stressed out witnesses to current political actuallyts? Here, Ricardo Salomao does us the honors of providing the create and the .stl file for this timely political de-stressing device.

It is informative to note that Salomao is not a US citizen. He hails of Lisbon, Portugal and already manufactures his home in London. But this is in addition a quite great reminder that US presidential elections are not just a national issue just watched and discussed by US citizens and residents. If you have at any time traveled, you will be swift to notice that most folks can name the US President faster than you can name the President or major politician in the country you are traveling in. One explanation for this (that goes well with this require for a Trump Stress Ball) is that although you may not like them, equiteone knows the schoolyard bullies’ names, right? So, a UK-based 3D createer is just as most likely to come up with a 3D printable Donald Trump Stress Ball as anyone: US elections tend to impact the entire world.


Salomao does not manufacture it a secret that Trump’s candidacy is stressing him out. On his MyMiniFactory page, he firmly states:

“Does Donald Trump stress you? Equite thing he says manufactures you mad to the point of no return?
Look no additional! The Trump Stress Ball is here! Print it in NinjaFlex and enjoy!”

tru4As if it is unclear precisely how to enjoy this quite well-createed ideal Trump likeness of a stress ball, Salomao has included a brief YouTube video of a hand squeezing and and so throwing the Trump ball (see below)! If you’d like to do the same, it takes between 280-300 minutes to 3D print the ball, that is 61.5 x 85 x 80 mm and printed in NinjaFlex (2 shells, 10% infill, slow speed print) on a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine.

If you select to print one, you should tag the creator @salomaoric, and perhaps actually movie your own adaptation of a Trump stress ball squeeze, hammer, and toss session. The create is on the market to download for $9.99 of MyMiniFactory. (On Salomao’s Twitter page, he tags Stephen Colbert, asking him if he requires one!)

And remember, the ball’s creator states that: “For most usage hammers, walls, vises and spikes are advised.” See photos if you have a complex time envisioning these activities! Would one of these stress balls assist you out? Talk of it in the 3D Printed Trump Stress Ball forum over at 3DPB.com.