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Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s new infinite data plan, Sprint is launching a new Unlimited Freedom plan for $100.

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The plan is intended to compare to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon’s offerings, giving customers infinite data, talk and text for $60 a month for one line and $100 for two, which include access charges. The version is on the market to both new and existing customers, yet there are a few caveats with the new plan which you’ll unquestionably want to take note of preceding bringing the plunge to transform your plan.

The infinite data isn’t quite so infinite, as so frequently looks to be the case, especially with T-Mobile’s One plan. Video streams are “optimized” at 480p resolution and music high end tops out at extreme high end, up to 500kbps. Gaming is in addition limited up to 2mbps. Unlike T-Mobile One, where you can just pay extra to stream HD video, there will not look to be an version to do so with Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan.

Whilst the plan is slightly cheaper than T-Mobile’s plan and pretty cheaper than others offered by the competition, the satisfactory print once again puts a damper on what first looks like a excellent deal. If you are okay with lower-high end video streaming and actually capped streaming high end for your music, it can be worth it to switch to Sprint’s new offering, but for everyone else you may want to do a few shopping around in the interim.

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