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Spring Policy Updates

by • April 25, 2016 • No Comments

Spring is in the air, and that
means that
it is time for a few policy updates here at Shapeways. This blog post serves as a summary of those alters. As a reminder, if you want to go deeper you can always check out the archived versions of specific policies in order to compare them to the current one.

The largest
update is to the Shop Terms and Conditions. These terms were last updated in 2012 and, as you can imagine, Shapeways has evolved significantly since and so. In addition to the Shop Terms update, this update comes with much additional compact fixes to the general Terms and Conditions, the API Terms and Conditions, and the Content Policy. We are in addition
delivering our content policy precheck program out of beta. I’ll additional detail all of the alters at a lower place.

Shop Terms and Conditions

These are the terms that
govern shop owners on Shapeways. This update overhauls the format so that
it manufactures a bit additional sense, and updates a few of the policies. It in addition
takes steps to simplify the terms. Since you need
to have a regular Shapeways account in order to open a shop, it tries to incorporate terms of the standard Shapeways Terms and Conditions by reference instead of repeating them again in the Shop terms.

For example, instead of having a big section on content rules, the new terms incorporate the existing Content Policy. That should reduce confusion by just having one content policy that
governs the entire site and manufacture the terms a bit additional concise and simpler to read.

Whilst the payment terms stay largely the same (we pay your markup if it is over $30 on the 15th of every month) there are a few additions created to clarify policies and address issues that
have emerged over the years.

One of the many significant alters is to highlight the importance of providing us with correct PayPayl information for an account that
can obtain transfers of the United States or the Netherlands. Failure to do this can cause all sorts of problems, so we wanted to manufacture certain
there was ample warning in the terms that
you need
to do that
in order to obtain your markup.

One other alter is adding rules of how we handle markups on orders that
later get returned or rejected. Sometimes a version is returned for the reason
we did not print it correctly. In those cases we can go on
to reprint the versions at our expense and send shop owners their markup. But
, a fewtimes a version is returned or rejected for the reason
of an error on the part of the createer. We are may already
exploring the most way to handle those situations. It is most likely that
in at very least a few of those cases we can not pay the createer a markup if the return or rejection stems of errors that
they created

The alters to the terms donate us the aptitude to begin
testing rules governing what takes place when a product is returned due to createer error. The system
of exploring options can take a few time, and we can strive to do it in an open, inclusive way. Expect to hear additional of the system
soon. Until we roll out a additional formal tests, createers can at many obtain warnings that
their version was returned due to what we believe to be their error. To put it another way, we can not begin
withholding markups for returned or rejected versions until we have new rules in place.

Most of the rest of the alters are relatively tiny. We introduced a reminder that
a few tax authorities need us and/or our payment system
ors to report data on accounts with gross payments over $20,000 and 200 transactions. We in addition
did a advantageous job of linking the indemnity and product liaptitude sections of the shop owner terms with the general site terms. At the end we created
it explicit that
we may alter the terms of time to time.

Finally, we linked the confidentiality terms in the shop owner terms to those in our privacy statement. Hopefully that
can donate all users of the site a additional uniform set of expectations in terms of privacy on the site.

Terms and Conditions

As I stated at the begin
of this post, in addition to an overhaul of the shop terms and conditions we in addition
a few updates to other policies on the site. In addition to fixing a few typos in our general terms, the update has two substantive additions. These are in fact
clarifications of existing policies that
we wanted to manufacture actually additional clear in the terms. Do you remember that
these apply to all users, not just shop owners.

The initially is what takes place when a version violates the content policy. The terms now manufacture it clear that
if a version violates our content policy we can refuse to print it and issue you a refund. If we catch the violation after we print the version, we can not ship you the version and may not issue you a full refund.

We are pairing this with removing the content policy precheck program of beta. You can email content-precheck@shapeways.com if you are worried that
a version can run into trouble with our content policy. Even if your version is incomplete – or actually just an thought – we can do our most to donate you guidance of how our content policy applies to you.

The 2nd update to the general terms a clarification as to what takes place when you remove a version of Shapeways. The terms now manufacture it clear that
we may go on
to use the version as part of our internal education and testing system
. This is largely for the reason
we use user versions to create testing benchmarks that
to be consistent over time. But
, you can yet always email customer service when you remove a version and request that
it in addition
be removed of internal testing.

API Terms and Conditions

The updates to the API Terms and Conditions are relatively modest. In addition to a few minor typos, the terms now manufacture it clear that
createers via the API are responsible for all fraud and chargebacks related to their use. Since the API createer is in the most position to create their application in a way that
avoids these sorts of fraudulent charges, it seemed just fair that
they are responsible when a fewone uses the application fraudulently.

Content Policy

Last on the list of updates is the Content Policy. The largest
alter, that I may already
described above, is that
we are delivering the content policy precheck out of beta. Besides cleaning up a few typos (by the way, feel free to let me understand
when you see typos in our policies….), the just other alter is to manufacture our popular way of receiving copyright takedown notices additional prominent. Sending emails to content@shapeways.com is the most way to get a takedown request system
ed efficiently, and now that
email address is additional obvious on the page.

So concludes the spring recitation of the Shapeways policy updates. As always, if you have any comments, inquiries
or concerns, feel free to put them in the comments at a lower place, email them to me at mweinberg@shapeways.com, or tweet at me @MWeinberg2D.

featured image: Eyeglass Cap of Justice by Shapeways user Sabaku_Ika

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