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Spoiler Alert! Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Features 3D Printed Dagger from Shapeways

by • April 27, 2016 • No Comments

mgot-601-ellaria-dagger-01-1200x800-1024x682Warning! If you haven’t seen the season six premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones yet, you can want to stop scrolling through this article and begin watching the long-awaited and adrenaline-pumping episode right away (but be certain to come back after you’ve finished!).

But if you are one of the 10.7 million individuals who have, you will most likely recall the dreadful scene inside the kingdom of Dorne, where Ellaria Sand—paramour of the late Oberyn Martell— suddenly plunged a hidden dagger into a character who was both closely related to her and (seemingly) significant to show’s plot. Unbeknownst to me, until in our day, the weapon that was used in the scene, that is called Ellaria’s Dagger, was in fact turn it intod with the assist of the Dutch-founded 3D printing marketplace and service provider Shapeways.

Ellaria's Dagger

Ellaria’s Dagger

Planned in secrecy over the past few months, the developers of Game of Thrones and Shapeways had struck up a partnership to get 3D printed items and weapons extra
involved inside the sactually kingdoms. Ellaria’s Dagger was modeled by 3D developer Sean Forsyth, that Shapeways and so 3D printed with their detail-oriented and cloud-like Frosted Ultra Detail plastic material. The material is turn it intod of a UV cured acrylic polymer, and provides a high resolution of 29 micron layers. The Frosted Ultra Detail material is on the market to all Shapeways customers, costing $3.49 per cm3 with an extra
$5 handling fee. Shapeways in addition offers an enhanced design, called the Frosted Extreme Detail, that is slightly extra
costly but offers an actually higher resolution of 16 microns.

Ellaria's Dagger straight of the 3D printing device

Ellaria’s Dagger straight of the 3D printing device

After Ellaria’s Dagger was 3D printed, it was sent over to Game of Thrones weapons master and armory tremendous Tommy Dunne, who had to manufacture the 3D printed dagger look as a realistic “Dornish” weapon. Choosing the assist of David O’ Brien, the managing director of the Dublin-based Bronze Art Okay Art Foundry, the 3D printed dagger was given a bronze finish, transforming the plastic prop into the serpent-inspired and show-altering weapon shown in the season six premiere. Dunne was thrilled by the prospect of via 3D printing to turn it into an intricate and detailed weapon, and according to him, the show’s producers were as well.

“I have always wanted to incorporate 3D Printing into armoury, and this was our initially accident in in fact doing so,” Dunne said to Shapeways. “The result of the Dorne Dagger far exceeded my wildest dreams of our original drawing concept, so it was a excellent initially experience in via this innovation in our field. It was a delicate scene to shoot, but the producers of the show enjoyed the dagger so we are really pleased with the results.”

The scene in Dorne of the season six premiere

The scene in Dorne of the season six premiere

But this may be the initially reported use of 3D printing innovation on the set of Game of Thrones, we’ve covered most instances of fans recreating their favourite props on their own printing devices, such as the much-desired Iron Throne, a wilding skull mask, and actually a replica of Oberyn Martell’s blade. Back in February, we in addition released a Weekly Roundup on ten free 3D printable Game of Thrones-based models of around the Internet. Shapeways in addition has a variety of Game of Thrones-inspired creations on their marketplace, of a Sword Pendent to a Dragon Skeleton. Whilst most fans—including myself— are becoming really wary of the way Dorne’s plot is unfolding, it’s really great to see that the initially sudden and dreadful twist of season six was turn it intod possible by the 3D printing prowess of Shapeways. This may be a expanding trend in special influence. What do you ponder? Discuss in the Game of Thrones 3D Printed Dagger over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Shapeways / Images: Shapeways via HBO and Tommy Dunne]