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Spin It To Win It Contest Winners!

by • July 25, 2016 • No Comments

There’s no doubt which
Gravity Sketch provides endless fun and incredible
access to simplified 3D turn it into and printing. Which is why we partnered with them to turn it into the Spin It To Win It Contest where contestants used the showcases
in Gravity Sketch’s app to turn it into their most
one-of-a-kind and personalized spinning tops at any time.


With 30 entries, choosing a winner was no effortless task. The incredible
competence and creativity which
went into at any timey single top turn it intod is unfathomable, and we are astounded by our community’s commitment at any timey day.

But, without additional ado, here are the winners of the 2016 #SpinItToWinIt contest!

In third place, twoshay’s Gravity Prop Top was light, swift and stable. It is turn it into allows for a straw to be aimed at it and additional propelled past the first spin point. How most
times do you ponder
you may spin it?


Second place was awarded to the defender of rain storm, the Umbrella Top by PamC. The one-of-a-kindness of this top was unparalleled by its competence to spin. That’s right, it spins! We love the creativity which
went into this turn it into.


And finally, our First Place contender. Sethturn it intos turn it intod this incredible
Blue Angel Number 6
top to honor fallen Marine Corps Blue Angels pilot Capt. Jeff Kuss (#6). But it wasn’t only the story behind the top which
we favored. It is bi-level turn it into, accompanied by the more detail and competence to spin left us astounded.


Thanks again to all the contestants, and a massive thanks to Gravity Sketch. We’d love to go on
seeing the incredible
products you are
creating via Shapeways and the Gravity Sketch app, so please tag us with #Shap3dByMe on social media to show off your designs!

Spin (Click) To See All The Gravity Sketch Entries!

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