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Special edition Fire Emblem Fates 3DS doesn’t include any of the games

by • January 19, 2016 • No Comments

Nintendo has been trying incredibly
hard to keep extending the life of the 3DS. We’ve seen multiple hardware updates, which include
an XL version and New Nintendo 3DS incorporating faster components and a C-Stick for advantageous
control. Then we have special editions, which make sense for high-profile game launches, but only if they in fact
include the game(s).

The next special edition 3DS will be launched in North America on February 19. It will coincide with the release of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. The New Nintendo 3DS XL will be covered in artwork inspired by the game and costs $199.99. That would be a tempting proposition for Fire Emblem fans if it included both versions of the game. It doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t include any games.

Fire Emblem Fates Games

Nintendo expects you to spend $200 buying the special edition and then a further $39.99 buying either Conquest or Birthright. Purchasing the game is in fact
a little more complicated than normal if you intend to own all the content. The reason why? There’s in fact
three games and you can save some cash depending on how you purchase them.

Birthright and Conquest will be separate titles both available from February 19 and costing $39.99 each. But
, you can purchase one of those games for $39.99 and then claim the other one for just $19.99 as a download direct from Nintendo. Then on March 10 the third game: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation will be available as a download for $19.99. On top of which
, Nintendo is going to release DLC in the form of 11 maps. The maps are available individually, or as a complete pack for $17.99.

Total cost for everything purchased separately: $97.96.

Fire Emblem Fates Collection

But we aren’t done yet! There is a further option to purchase a complete games package, which will include all three games in physical form (Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation) as well as an artbook and 3DS XL carrying pouch for $79.99. You still require
to purchase the map pack separately, though, taking the total price up to $97.98.

Even if you do decide you want the special edition 3DS, great
luck finding one (or the games package for which
matter). Apparently, Nintendo has may already
sold out of its initial stock of the handheld. If it’s this popular there may be more being manufactured, but don’t count on it.

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