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Sparks Across the Globe

by • August 1, 2016 • No Comments

Sparks Across the Globe Main

“Creating things local for a global village is fascinating.”

– FWPompe, Amsterdam, Netherlands


This August we leave the shores of America to celebrate creativity around the globe. Here at Shapeways, you have very own access to thousands of local artists of each corner of the world who fuel creativity on our platform through sharing their one-of-a-kind experiences and products.

Our inventors, developers, artists, mathematicians, and engineers share their passions for innovation and new materials as they bring their “abstract minds” (as one community member said) to the physical world to manufacture their friends smile. We are proud of our dedication to providing you with a comprehensive platform offering that
not just empowers producing and distribution of products globally, but in addition
gives our community permission to become their own global brands.

The “sparks” of inspiration shared this month can go on
to show the tremendous passion and breadth of creativity turn it intod
tangible by digital making as we share stories, puzzles, jewelry, and miniatures like you have never seen preceding. We are equally enthused by the way our global community has elevated Shapeways to be a truly universal platform by inviting others to join their causes. Kjeld Pedersen Junior of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil produces playful products with purpose: “I’m inspired to turn it into cute lively animals that are endangered species of the Amazon jungle so that
the new generation and ours understand
of them and therefore value them, so they stay roaming the jungle for centuries to come!”

Kjeld Pedersen

Globally accessible creation allows for us to open our minds, take a walk in someone else’s shoes, and come home (metaphorically or physically) actually additional inspired than we were preceding. There has never been a advantageous time to adventure beyond your usual stomping grounds and set your sights on Sweden, Brazil, India, Australia and beyond.


Find a local developer in a country you have always dreamed of visiting or want to return to someday in our Sparks Across the Globe map. Follow your favorites on Shapeways so you can always understand
when they have introduced additional designs or begin
producing wish lists for the holidays. Personal and thoughtful gifts of local artists and inventors are significant in two ways – to the gift recipient and to the artist you very ownly supported.

We hope you enjoy the global journey this month! Happy Making!

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