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SpaceVR Raises $1.25 Million to Launch Virtual Reality Camera Satellites into Space

by • April 30, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_spaceVR_logoTraveling to space is of to get a whole lot simpler in the near next thanks to the continuing innovation of virtual reality innovation. San Francisco-based SpaceVR is set to become the world’s initially platform for creating live, cinematic, virtual space tourism via miniature satellites equipped with high end VR cameras. The company has just revealed which they have raised a respectable amount of seed financing led by a $1 million investment of Shanda Group as well as another $250,000 of Skywood Capital. The investments can be utilized to accelerate the go ond createment and commence of SpaceVR’s Overview 1, what they are saying can be the world’s quite initially virtual reality camera satellite.

SpaceVR, founded in early 2015, is based in the center of San Francisco’s emerging nano-satellite industry. The startup is looking to take advantage of the latest in miniaturized satellite innovation to generate breath-taking and immersive space travel experiences which can be saw on all existing virtual reality devices. SpaceVR’s state-of-the-art satellites, called Overview 1, can donate users amazing panoramic views of planet Earth of space and allow them to experience the quite initially 360-degree video content of Low planet Earth Orbit. SpaceVR Founder and CEO Ryan Holmes can be introducing Overview 1 during his keynote remarks titled “VR Space Exploration” at the 2016 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo, in San Jose.

SpaceVR and their Overview 1 satellite allows for you to experience space in 360 virtual reality.

SpaceVR and their Overview 1 satellite allows for you to experience space in 360 virtual reality.

“At the root of equite primary problem – climate alter, bad education processs, war, poverty – there is an error in point of view which these things don’t affect us, which these things are separate. We created Overview 1 to alter this. Opening up space tourism for equiteone can provide a new point of view in how we view our world and how we process information. Astronauts who have had the opportunity to journey to outer space and experience planet Earth beyond its boundaries share this point of view and it has inspired them to champion a advantageous way. We believe which this is the top priority for humanity right now,” explained Holmes.

The Overview 1 micro-satellite.

The Overview 1 micro-satellite.

The tiny Overview 1 virtual reality satellite is equipped with two 4K sensors which have been paired with a 2D 360° camera and several wide field of view lenses which can capture an immersive sphere of video. The VR satellites can contribute users an unprecedented view of space, and the planet planet Earth which until now has just been on the market to a handful of lucky astronauts. Today the plan is to commence a swift of planet Earth-bound Overview 1 satellites, yet the company hopes to expand far beyond our planet and send their cameras throughout the solar process.

After the successful funding of their Kickstarter campaign and now this initially round of investments, SpaceVR is on track to have their initially demonstration Overview 1 satellite commenceed and operational as soon as early 2017. Whilst the satellite and the required ground communication processs go on to be created, the company can in addition be focvia on content deliquite and distribution channels for their 3D orbital experiences. Alyet I can’t imagine the company can have much difficulty finding interest, finding the right outlet is a significant step.

You can see the SpaceVR Kickstarter video here:

Whilst the original plan for SpaceVR and the Overview1 was to create a camera to capture the experience aboard the International Space Station, they alterd directions and decided to create their tiny autonomous satellites instead. By having satellites which they control, SpaceVR won’t be dependent on the astronauts, who have limited time on the market, on the ISS for capturing new footage, but pretty they can just do it themselves. SpaceVR is working on the createment of Overview 1 with NanoRacks, a company which specializes in helping new companies create and commence space innovation capable of being deployed of the ISS. You can learn additional of SpaceVR, and sign up to pre-order a year’s worth of VR content (for just 35 bucks!) on their website. Discuss additional in the SpaceVR forum over at 3DPB.com.3dp_spaceVR_overview1_360view