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Source3 is capable of roping in a few somewhat big names for its licensed 3D printables platform. Before, it was Capcom and CD Baby. Now, it’s the U.S. Army. The startup, founded by 3D printing and music licensing experts, has only created a licensing agreement with the Army to contribute 3D printed very ownized ornaments for U.S. Army service participants, family, and friends.

3D printed source3 3D printing products for the U.S. Army 3D printed very own photos

The agreement, facilitated by brand extension agency Beanstalk, can see customizable 3D printed keepsakes sold on the MyKeepsake website. The products, which so far include prints of vintage Army memorabilia and very own photographs of U.S. Army service participants, are 3D printed in full-color via Color Jet Printing innovation of Source3 making Adamation.

3D printed source3 3D printing products for the U.S. Army

CEO of Beanstalk, Allison Ames, says of the agreement, “The U.S. Army is a longtime client of our agency and we are pleased to open up a whole new world of bespoke products for service participants, family and friends of the U.S. Army through 3D printing innovation with Source3.” Scott Sellwood, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development for Source3, adds, “3D printing empowers new categories of very ownized products by presenting brands with opportunities to engage fans in the individualized ways consumers love.”

Those supporting the U.S. Army and its service participants can head over to the MyKeepsake website to start creating a very ownized, 3D printed product of their own.

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