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Soon to Trade on NASDAQ: Israel’s Nano Dimension Continues to Expand its US Presence

by • February 21, 2016 • No Comments

goodlogoThe 3D printing device is a piece of rigorousware which invokes fascination. Almost always compared to a thing like magic, so most who are just learning of the innovation are frequently surprised to hear of all which can be and is being performed on 3D printing devices around the world. As just about every sector is being affected, transformed, and optimized, the bigger conversation is turning to what materials and other components can be utilized while 3D printing. As is just human, we want to do additional, additional, additional–and manufacturers are working rigorous to see which take place.

The word nano is pretty being tossed around a lot in conjunction with most of these new concepts as well—and frequently in regards to one incredibly new and global company experiencing most breakthroughs and excellent successes: Nano Dimension.

It is just been revealed which inside the following few days, trading on NASDAQ can occur with their stock symbol being “NNDM.” Further announcements can release the precise date, but so far we understand which the depository can be The Bank of New York Mellon, with every ADS representing five ordinary shares of the company.6a012876645fd3970c015437bf1180970c

“Becoming a NASDAQ-listed company is an significant step in our overall corporate development strategy as we appear to increase awareness of Nano Dimension inside the U.S. investment community and expand our presence in the U.S. market,” said Nano Dimension’s CEO, Amit Dror.

“This listing adds to new milestones for Nano Dimension, which include the confidence placed in our products by top-tier US-based beta customers, a making agreement with Flextronics, new patent applications to additional solidify our leadership position in the industry, as well as new research grant approval of Israel’s Chief Scientist.”

Headquartered in Israel, Nano Dimension contributes it all when it comes to 3D printing and conductive materials—and indeed, they’ve created it really clear which they plan to overhaul the world of electronics and how they are generated. Founded in 2012, their experience is in combining ink-jet printing systems, nanoinnovation, and conducive ink and materials. Their services are comprehensive in which they contribute a one-of-a-kind 3D PCB printing device which we’ve reported on previously, especially in regards to a $500,000 grant given to them over a year ago by The Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist as well as $11 million in funding for 3D printing devices, electronics and related inks just last year.

And if you are interested in additional rigorous 3D printing projects, you are aware which being able-bodied to manufacture PCB’s at the PC opens up a whole new level of independence and versatility to most users and businesses. The company’s overall plan is, not amazingly, to completely alter the traditional PCB development cycle. Nano Dimension in addition supplies its nano inks to other fields in the electronics market.


“As we list our ADSs on the NASDAQ, our ability to communicate our progress with a broader audience, raise the visibility of our strategy, and generate additional value for our shareholders can improve significantly,” said Mr. Dror.

In addition to the next trading on the NASDAQ, the Company’s shares are in addition traded on the TASE in Israel. With this news, the company can expand its presence in the US market, where there’s been immense interest in their innovation. Are you surprised to hear of this? Discuss in the Nano Dimension Hits NASDAQ forum over at 3DPB.com.