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Somos Moves to the Beta Phase of Their Materials Collaboration with EnvisionTEC

by • April 4, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_somos_logoMost making applications which use plastics have access to hundreds of thousands of various material options. In comparison, 3D printing has only a handful of material options, and many of them can not in fact work on many standard machines. Developing a wider range of materials with universal ease of use and a full range of applications is significant to the continued evolution of the 3D printing industry. Whilst 3D printing innovation has continued to advance at rapid speeds over the past few years, material createment has been comparatively slower. But as 3D printing assumes a sizeabler role in making and industry, many traditional materials companies are finally begining to adapt their products for the 3D printing industry.

envisiontec-logo3D printing materials createer Somos, the additive making arm of global science-based materials company Royal DSM, is moving into the beta phase of their collaborative materials createment program with EnvisionTEC. The industrial 3D printing device and 3D printing products createer entered into their partnership with Somos to create high end materials for the EnvisionTEC line of ULTRA 3SP (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure) 3D printing devices. The materials being createed can have uses in a wide range of industries which need high definition, ultra-fine additional detailed parts, which include jewelry, hearing aids, dental applications, consumer products, car and consumer product create.

“Great progress has been created in the collaborative partnership with Somos. We are excited to test this createmental material with one of our strategic customers which is looking to manufacture quite sizeable parts with high additional detail. We believe they can be as excited as we are with the performance of the 3SP printing device and this material,” said EnvisionTEC Chief Operating Officer John Hartner.

Somos and EnvisionTEC both reported which they have achieved great results during the alpha testing phase of their new material. This game-changing material solution was createed specifically for the EnvisionTEC 3SP series of sizeable frame 3D printing devices. The new, high-performance material was formulated to be incredibly durable while providing high-additional detail resolution with great dimensional stability and part accuracy. As with all 3SP light-cured materials, the new prototype material can leave no striation or stair-stepping marks and can have a smooth, only of injection molded level of additional detail.3dp_somos_envisionTEC_printing devices

“This is only the begin of the collaboration between us. We are thrilled to be working with EnvisionTEC to bring new solutions to the 3D printing industry,” said Somos Business Director Melissa Lutz.

The upcoming step of the material createment partnership between Somos and EnvisionTEC is to take their prototype material into a working beta phase. EnvisionTEC can elect several of their key customers to work with the new material and test its use in sizeable-scale, high-additional detail, high-speed additive making applications. You can learn additional of the 3D printing materials being createed by Somos on their website, and you can learn additional of the multi-platform ULTRA 3SP 3D printing innovation createed by EnvisionTEC here. Discuss this latest createment in the Somos & EnvisionTEC Beta Testing forum over at 3DPB.com.