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Something for Everyone! 3D MakerJet & ZBOT Soon to Release One-Stop-Shop with 26 3D Printer Models

by • May 2, 2016 • No Comments

logo (7)Most of us are yet reeling, pretty giddily, of the news that Taiwanese company XYZprinting may be releasing sactually 3D printing devices in total this year. It never occurred to many of us that two other companies working together on another actually additional ambitious timeline and inventory set can surpass these goals—by a longshot.

3D MakerJet Inc. has just revealed that in working with their research and development making partner ZBOT/Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. LTD they can soon be delivering a total of 26 various 3D printing devices for release to the public. This significant lineup can contribute dual head machines, as well as three, six, and eight head carbon filament machines mean to contribute high performance when swift production jobs are required. With such a number of varied machines, this should allow the company to grab the attention of numerous audiences and allow them to shop in one place for versatile tools with a range of new materials—all at additional inexpensive

zbot-300x73This trend shows the amount of investment numerous companies at the present time are putting into R&D to contribute users not just one niche product but an entire storefront full of high-tech gadgety 3D printing devices that leave no user wanting in terms of fabrication needs, whether they are making car parts or pancakes.

frm-8-2-0According to 3D MakerJet, sizeable versions that contribute industrial users the capability to 3D print projects up to 1200 x 1200 x 1200mm range are going to be on the market, as well as various fabricating genres altogether, with a single extruder food printing device for chocolate and a four-nozzle version intended for food making as well. 3D MakerJet in addition says that they can be releasing a resin machine bearing four nozzles—intended for streamlining in making industrial projects for sectors like car and aerospace. Prices so far look to range of $500-$5,000.

“Our partner’s research and complex work is now quite starting to pay off and the line we contribute our customers can increase five-fold,” said 3D MakerJet president John Crippen. “We feel we can be well positioned to be a ‘one stop shop’ for people as well as making and prototyping companies,” he introduced.

The Orlando-based company has in addition revealed that they can be launching another 3D printing device to coincide with the aforementioned huge lineup, by way of the D1. This is a additional elementary printing device intended for novices or a classroom environment. The company states that this 3D printing device can be recommended for anyone wanting to learn the basics of 3D printing innovation though—and with a modest pricetag attached. It pretty sounds like ‘something for everyone’ and a huge and well-thought-out plan coming of the Florida-headquartered corporation, that develops, creates and markets numerous 3D printing devices, contributeing all things of traditional and metal 3D printing devices to food 3D printing devices.


Some of the 3D printing devices that can be contributeed soon.

ZBOT/Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. LTD is the ‘cutting-edge developer’ that supplies MakerJet with research and development, and making. ZBOT, headquartered in China, was the new recipient of the CDA National Design Award for their ZBOT 3D printing device, that we’ve reported on numerous times, especially earlier this year as word start to spread regarding the imminent release of a powderless 3D metal printing device.

It is of note that the ZBOT is the platform for the 3D MakerJet line, and ZBOT is the just company to win a CDA create award on the civilian level. This is obviously an awe-inspiring selling point for their products, revealing a dedication to unsurpassed research, development, and making. On the other hand 3D MakerJet has their home offices situated in the heart of Orlando, near Disney World, they in addition have an office at ZBOT headquarters in China. For additional information on the next 3D printing devices, check out the video at a lower place. Thoughts on this huge number of 3D printing devices emerging? Discuss in the 3D MakerJet & ZBOT 26 3D Printer Lineup forum over at 3DPB.com.