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SOLIDWORKS CEO Wants to Increase Sales in South Korea, Become Global 3D Design Leader

by • February 11, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_solidworks2016_logoGian Paolo Bassi feels somehow great of 2016. The SOLIDWORKS CEO has set his sights on South Korea in particular, revealing that he plans for the company to record double-Pdigit growth in the Korean market in 2016. SOLIDWORKS has done only satisfactory in Korea so far, but Bassi feels that there’s a lot of room to improve. His confidence pretty is not misguided. Despite the fact that the Korean making industry has seen a recession lately, the 3D printing industry is doing only satisfactory – in fact, SOLIDWORKS’ parent company, Dassault Systèmes, has been expanding steadily with their market-primary 3D software, CATIA.

Globally, SOLIDWORKS remains one of the primary CAD software providers, amassing $597.3 million in revenue in 2014. Heavily utilized by pro product createers and engineers, the software is a staple in the medical, industrial, education, advancement and transportation industries, only to name a few. Bassi, who was named CEO of SOLIDWORKS last year, intends to rake in $1 billion by 2018.

Gian Paolo Bassi at the SOLIDWORKS World 2016 conference. [Image: Yoon Sung-won, Korea Times]

Gian Paolo Bassi at the SOLIDWORKS World 2016 conference. [Image: Yoon Sung-won, Korea Times]

“Compared to the 2D sector, the 3D create market is expanding twice as fast,” he said. “The dimensions of global 3D create market is already around $7 billion. I assume it can grow to $10 to $14 billion in scale in the future decade and SOLIDWORKS can be like Microsoft Office in 3D create.”

The company has been focvia additional on 3D printing lately, with several 3D printing-oriented upgrades introduced to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 suite. These include the high end 3D create rendering program SOLIDWORKS Visualize, along with an application for printed circuit board (PCB) create – a wise move, as 3D printed circuit boards are becoming additional of a presence in the industry. This year should see the release of Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020, the world’s initially pro PCB computer desktop printing device, that SOLIDWORKS software played a primary role in createing. As 3D printing continues to alter with additional specialized niches, Bassi intends for SOLIDWORKS to store up with all of them.

“My No. 1 goal is to go beyond a computer-aided create (CAD) company and become a platform company based on business maturity with a diverse product portfolio,” he said. “We can provide a platform that helps our clients cooperate with every other in the system of assembling diverse devices.”


[Image: Computerra]

Like many primary software companies, SOLIDWORKS is in addition focvia on the cloud:

“Users can (have) access to our create applications of tablet computers and smartphones,” continued Bassi. “This advancement can enable customers to create wherever they are.”

To attract new converts, the company is in addition providing tools that can manufacture it effortless for companies via older 3D software to switch over to SOLIDWORKS. With such an aggressive campaign, it’s pretty feasible that SOLIDWORKS can create into the Microsoft Office of 3D create over the future few years.