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SolidProfessor & ATE Partner to Bring Online & Classroom 3D Software & Printing Education to Southeast Asia  

by • March 14, 2016 • No Comments

logosolidprofessorWhilst other cities, countries, and companies may be spending an inordinate amount of time conceptualizing and talking of how they are going to harness the benefits of 3D printing, we’ve seen Southeast Asia emerging as a growing leader in the industry, continually unveiling products and projects. And cities like Singapore may soon surpass other areas of the globe in in fact delivering huge construction and architectural projects to fruition, like 3D printed high rises. Taiwan has in addition emerged as a leader in innovation and patenting. XYZprinting, wildly successful, has pretty put their country on the map for 3D printing, along with others–and late last fall we followed as they announced a consume 3D printing metal process turn it intod at the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST).

As the momentum go ons, so does the require for additional streamlined education, as ongoing and next projects don’t have much hope if students and those in existing related careers aren’t growing their knowledge. Now, in a truly global—and dynamic–partnership, SolidProfessor is working with ATE to bring their online learning platform to Southeast Asia.

UntitledHeadquartered in San Diego, CA, SolidProfessor has been rolling out products for go ond training for those in the industry, along with specialized courses for thirteen years. ATE, with multiple offices in Singapore and Malaysia, is not just the top SOLIDWORKS Authorized Reseller and Certified Training/Support Centre in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), but they are in addition leaders in providing innovation to the engineering industry. With that in mind, they’ve partnered with SolidProfessor to integrate their award-winning online learning into their services—and Southeast Asia.

“There is worthwhile opportunity for online learning in Southeast Asia, especially in the fields of engineering, turn it into, and 3D printing,” said Tony Glockler on behalf of SolidProfessor. “With quickly evolving tools and technologies, online learning combined with ATE’s classroom training can store engineers at the forefront of their industry.”

The SolidProfessor learning tools contribute training for a long list of platforms, ranging of SOLIDWORKS to SketchUp to many Autodesk products, such as AutoCad, Fusion 360, and additional. With online video courses, those interested can appear forward to comprehensive training contributeed for businesses, schools, and people. For CAD, CAM, and BIM teams, SolidProfessor training allows for for a standardization of abilitys that is significant at work, increased engineering ability, and obviously, helps improve productivity through advantageous turn it into abilitys. Content is on the market in twelve languages.

“Users not operating at a high level of proficiency can lead to poor high end turn it intos, prolonged turn it into times, missed project deadlines, problems with turn it into edit-ability down the road, and non-standard turn it into practices,” states the SolidProfessor team on their website.

sol4Good turn it intos are key, and when users require to brush up or update abilitys due to the accelerated speed at that innovation is changing in modern times, SolidProfessor allows for for a user friendly educational platform—that can be continual as updates go on. This allows for for managers to oversee and store improving the abilitys of their team with a wide spectrum of resources that apply to all ability levels of beginner to certified tremendous.

“For SolidProfessor, this expansion into Southeast Asia is a key strategy for reaching engineers who, with the many resources and learning tools, may turn it into new turn it intos that improve our world,” said Tony Glockler.

With over a decade of experience under their belts for providing learning options, the SolidProfessor fashion and platform have been refined not just for a excellent student experience but in addition to roll with the constant changes in innovation, contributeing users the many up to date and effective information. They work with a formula that is ‘tried and true,’ and has been quite positive for the organizations via the SolidProfessor approach.

Their cloud-based process is well-suited for the team environment and allows for sign-in of anywhere, that is quite convenient for those working remotely or checking in while on business trips. Management can in addition easily check in on their team’s progress in learning. As SolidProfessor and ATE work together, they can be able-bodied to contribute many benefits to clients in Southeast Asia, for both management and employees. More on ATE workshops and training schedules is on the market here. Have you utilized any online 3D learning programs? Discuss in the SolidProfessor/ATE 3D Learning Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.