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SolidProfessor Announces New Courses, Expanded Access for Members

by • July 31, 2016 • No Comments

solidprofessor_logo_mediumOnline create software training provider SolidProfessor has been around for over a decade, but with all of the new services they’ve been offering lately, they already have the feel of a brand new, up-and-coming company. When you are in the innovation field, a thing is always new, and SolidProfessor has been manufacturing frequent headlines these days with announcements of new course offerings, global partnerships, and expanded grant programs.

Currently, SolidProfessor has revealed that they’re manufacturing actually extra
big changes to their company, and it all boils down to one thing: increased accessibility. Members can now have access to lessons of at any timey course in the library, at no extra
charge. Until now, participantships have been specific to one software program; if you decided to sign up for a SOLIDWORKS participantship, and so you’d get quite comprehensive SOLIDWORKS training, but that may be all you’d get. Now participants can explore at any timeything in the library.


The newly expanded access means a new pricing structure for participantships, that are offered in three tiers, at any timey with extra
on the market training materials:

SolidProfessor Standard: $399 per yearSolidProfessor Professional: $599 per yearSolidProfessor Premium: $799 per year

It’s the same pricing and structure previously offered for SOLIDWORKS participantships (other software programs varied), except that now you are not limited to only that course, meaning you are getting a lot extra
for your money.

guyoncomputerSolidProfessor has noted that they can in addition be adding extra
courses at a faster rate than at any time, with the upcoming two expected to be MATLAB and Draftsight. The good results of their not long ago added 3D printing courses and training in cloud-based CAD software such as Onshape and Autodesk Fusion 360 (that are both free) has informed their decisions on that way to take the company. Their significant priority, yet, is accessibility, accessibility, accessibility – and variety.

“Engineering create tools are evolving extra
quickly than at any time,” said Tony Glockler, co-founder and CEO of SolidProfessor. “To store up with this new pace of innovation, ongoing learning is essential. Our participants use a wide range of tools and software in their engineering create work, and we want to assist them create with confidence in all of them.”

SolidProfessor in addition offers special participantship rates for schools or teams of five or extra
users. To learn extra
of group pricing, contact them at teamsales@solidprofessor.com. More news should be forthcoming of extra
new courses to be released in the near next, and participants should be excited to understand that they’ll be able-bodied to have access to them all. Discuss additional in the SolidProfessor 3D Courses forum over at 3DPB.com.