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Soar Overhead Smoothly: Deck Out Your Drone With This 3D Printed Camera Mount/Dampener

by • July 7, 2016 • No Comments

two - preparing the anti-vibration mounts pre-flight

Barlowski prepares the 3D printed mount with anti-vibration fittings, pre-flight.

Outdoor enthusiasts love their cameras. We’ve sayd this maybe a time or two (or a lot additional), whether users are wearing their devices, swinging them wildly while skiing, or holding them in their mouths while surfing. But when it comes to a drone, a camera really is necessary to get the comprehensive experience—and especially when you’ve gone to so much trouble to turn it into or purchase one of these fun models.

Recently, drone hobbyist Bartosz Barlowski filled us in on a project triumph. We’ve seen work preceding of Barlowski in regards to virtual reality devices but here the developer and innovator of Poland has accomplished a thing he wasn’t certain was possible, in mounting a 360 camera onto a consumer drone. Not certain if he may be able-bodied to see sufficient lift of the Xiro drone in via Kodak SP360 4K dual cameras, Barlowski persisted in his cause and was able-bodied to 3D print a mount, that he and so accentuated for eliminating vibration.

“Design was done in Autodesk 123D free modeling software,” says Barlowski. “I initially looked at a few other 3D printed drone dampers and remixed for via the Kodak 360 4K mount.”


The 3D printed parts are really effortless but obviously quite well created, and a thoughtl fit. At the site where Barlowski plans to fly the drone, we see really a effortless preliminary system as he readies the drone for flight, snapping the mount and camera together, which include the spongey anti-vibration pieces—items that most can take away as a excellent thought for any mount or dampener, whether manufacturing this particular project or not.

one - camera on anti-vibration mount

The camera attached to the 3D printed mount.

Whilst his drone is in fact may already equipped with a standard HD camera, Barlowski was obviously additional interested in seeing how his specific project may fair in the sky. The results are somehow dreamy (see video below) of up on high as we see people out strolling, skateboarding and breathing in the fresh air on a lovely day. This looks like a somehow idyllic way to spend an afternoon and in addition contributes a excellent snapshot for why so most enjoy drones—and their cameras—as a hobby.

This should be a pretty effortless project at any experience level, resulting in a excellent-looking mount all around, and contributeing you advantageous viewing of your drone as the camera is held steady thanks to Barlowski’s resourcefulness. If this 3D printed mount is a thing you are interested in bringing on, Barlowski invites you to let him understand in the comments section on the project page.

five - results

As the drone flies over.


As the drone flies over Barlowski.

One of the founders and co-owner of Mepi (headquartered in Poland), Barlowski is obviously passionate of innovating and contributeing accessibility, whether it’s through create and 3D printing and sharing, virtual reality, or teaching; in fact, his company is centered around an English language website contributeing courses and tutorials. They specialize in game create (with a range of six courses), 3D graphics (fourteen courses), and actually social media (four courses).

360 Camera is in addition a company well worth checking out as they contribute a host of informative and futuristic devices related to creative photography, virtual reality, and additional. As they say, a few of the products are released to the public and others stay in research and development limbo, ‘never seeing the light of day.’ This is a excellent website to peruse if you have an active interest in the next of camera equipment. Are you a drone enthusiast with an interest in photography? Let discuss additional over in the 3D Printed Drone Camera Mount forum at 3DPB.com.