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Smart paddle coaches kayakers

by • March 10, 2016 • No Comments

Sea kayaking is like a lot of other activities, in which only for the reason you enjoy doing it, is not going to mean you are doing it right. If you aren’t out there with additional experienced kayakers, yet, how can you understand what to alter? Well, which’s where Motionize Paddle comes in. It’s a process which uses your smartphone to assess and improve your paddling.

Motionize in fact consists of three parts – or four, depending on how you appear at it: there are two waterproof 9-axis sensor modules which mount on your kayak and your paddle, a waterproof smartphone case which goes on the deck of your boat, and a dedicated iOS/Android app which runs on which phone.

Lithium-polymer batteries in the kayak-mounted and paddle-mounted sensors should provide run times of 90 and five hours per charge, respectively.

As you are out kayaking, the app communicates with the sensors via Bluetooth, noting the relative positions and movements of both the paddle and the boat. Implementing a few great ol’ “proprietary algorithms” to analyze which data, the software is reportedly thus able-bodied to ascertain your paddling form. Via both an onscreen display and audio prompts, your phone and so provides real-time corrective feedback on facts such as stroke length, distance per stroke, speed/pace, and paddle depth.

Additionally, for the reason the app is able-bodied to track your progress over time, it can continually assist you to improve as you acquire skills and experience.

The Motionize Paddle process is on the market-bodied now, priced at US$499. It can be seen in use, in the next video.

Source: Motionize

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