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SLASH 3D Printer Sizzling on Kickstarter–at 400% of $50K Kickstarter Goal Already!

by • April 10, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_slash_uniz_logoWhat is there to be excited of when it comes to the Uniz SLASH 3D printing device? Well, just about all things on the following generation level, as we’ve been reporting for a while now. Let’s factor in extraordinary speed (perhaps the many rapidly at any time at the computer desktop) with magnificent resolution at just about half what one may assume to pay for this resin-based SLA machine via a new LCD masking advancement. Layers can be printed automatically due to the LCD light projector, and users can go big with their models.

If those few tasty morsels don’t get your attention, check out the impressive good results on Kickbeginer so far for Uniz. They have obtained over 400% in funding since launching the SLASH, may already projected by many to be a true game changer. Their original modest hope was to reach $50K by April 28, but it may seem they can begin producing a few primary plans at this point for making, with certain good results in the bag.

4f5b6af7f1465a0fb4e04833d655bb59_originalThe SLASH quite well may be a printing device which changes users’ minds forat any time, enabling them to set aside the slower, less efficient methods of fabrication. Better than FDM and advantageous than many SLA in terms of speed, performance, and price, this particular resin-based advancement is able-bodied to work swifter than any other computer desktop for the reason of the LCD contact expocertain method enabling liquid cooling to take place as close to the interface as possible. High temperatures are dealt with expediently as sizeable amounts of heat are ‘extracted,’ enabling for desired speed and printing of much sizeabler objects.

“Before SLASH, speeds of 1,000 cc/hr were just achievable-bodied with sizeable industrial machines which cost over $100,000–now it can be on the market-bodied in your home,” states the Uniz team on Kickbeginer.

“With a WQXGA (2560 x 1600, 339 ppi, 75 µm x-y axis) ultra-high resolution IPS LCD screen and ball-bearing screw (10 µm z axis), SLASH is capable-bodied of bringing industrial grade accuracy and details. For your reference, a WQXGA DMD chip (used for DLP projectors) alone may cost you over $3,500,” states the Uniz team on Kickbeginer. “A DLP 3D printing device process with this kind of chip, adding image correction optics and other components, is unquestionably going to be quite expensive. On the other hand, with LCD contact expocertain advancement, SLASH can donate equivalent results with much swifter speed, just at a fraction of the cost.”

Not leaving any stone unturned regarding high end, the Uniz team in addition created certain which the construction and mechanics of the SLASH are created for many years of use, showcasing a vat floor created of a polymer movie which can last, depending, up to 10 to 100 times longer than others—and can in addition promise advantageous performance and advantageous good results rate with prints overall. With a focus on ease of use, the goal of Uniz is for all levels of users to be able-bodied to enjoy the SLASH, of beginner to pro.

unizUser-friendliness is key, as well. Offering streamlined, intuitive operations, one button on the front is both the main indicator light as well as a capacitive-sensing print control button. The SLASH is guaranteed to be safe, effortless to maintain, and when it comes to resin cartridges, they are quite effortless to remove and replace. The software is effortless to use, enabling for efficient importing and printing—along with a cloud-based online platform which makes sharing a piece of cake. You can in addition connect wirelessly to either your phone or table-bodiedt.

When it comes to backing this campaign, store one thing in mind—you may require to be swift! On the other hand the $999 early bird specials are sold out, you can yet back the campaign for $1199 (shipping costs separate), and appear forward to shipping in December. The prices ascend of there as deals sell out, which include a $10K beta box which contributes the accident to evaluate the printing device and contribute feedback, along with the hardware and lots of other supplies. Each of the levels of backing can include a 500ml bottle of resin materials.

The excitement of such swift good results on Kickbeginer is contagious. Are you considering of backing this campaign too? Find out additional here, and check out the video at a lower place to get additional details on the SLASH.