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SLASH 3D Printer Continues to Snowball: Now at More Than 500% of Kickstarter Goal, First Stretch Goal Reached

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

logo_white_plusWe write of Kickstarter campaigns a lot here at 3DPrint.com, but it’s particularly amazing to cover the explosive ones, the ones that reach their funding goals in practically 2nds and and so go on to gather assist until they are 200%, 400%, 500% funded. These are the campaigns – particularly the ones centered around new 3D printing devices – that additional frequently than not lead to the emergence of new leaders in the 3D printing industry, not to mention new and game-changing innovation.

Just a few days ago, we wrote of the SLASH 3D printing device of UNIZ Technology. The revolutionary new SLA printing device had only hit $400% of its humble $50,000 funding goal; now, mere days later, they’ve risen well over 500% and don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Their original goal was met inside four hours, and with just about two weeks left in the campaign, there’s no telling how much money can be raked in preceding the end.

The runaway great results of the SLASH is not all that surprising, in fact. It is one thing to create a rad new printing device; it’s another thing to create a rad new printing device that offers an entirely new standard for 3D printing devices. “Game-changing” and “revolutionary” are overused terms, but I don’t hesitate to use them for the SLASH for the reason, well, it quite is breaking new ground in 3D printing innovation, and it’s pretty going to alter the “game” for consumers and, by extension, manufacturers. The SLASH’s ultra-fast, LCD light-based innovation is may already manufacturing other SLA printing devices appear slow and obsolete.

Some printing devices that show up on Kickstarter promising to alter the face of 3D printing seem too great to be true, with dubious claims that manufacture you wonder how well this product can in fact perform in reality. The SLASH is not one of those; all you require to do is appear at the credentials of its creators to understand that an amazing amount of expertise went into its createment. Dr. Houmin Li, who cofounded UNIZ Technology in 2014, holds three Master of Science degrees in polymer engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and materials engineering, plus a PhD in polymer engineering. This is a company that understands what it’s doing, and the printing device, that was announced at CES 2016, was may already garnering a lot of buzz well preceding the Kickstarter actually launched.

18f2df1cd4f25166732e04e3599a7269_originalThe other leading factor that goes into the SLASH’s appeal is its affordability. Often when new innovation seems, all many of us can do is drool and appear on enviously at the industrial corporations who can afford it (see: Carbon). The SLASH, yet, is a consumer computer printing device created specifically to be accessible to the average customer:

“From its inception, SLASH was created to be weight manufactured via injection-molding to create high high end componens—sturdy parts that can be created at low cost without sacrificing high end…The entire process is created to donate extreme performance and yet be accessible to the day to day consumer,” states the UNIZ team. “It was not effortless, but we did it, and now we are quite excited to take the upcoming step and bring SLASH to you.”

If you haven’t gotten in on the Kickstarter campaign yet, there’s yet a lot of reason to do so. Super early bird rewards have may already been snapped up, but you can yet take advantage of the regular early bird pledge that offers the printing device for $1,199 – $800 less than the actuallytual retail price. Pledges of $1,399 and $1,599 are in addition on the market.

stretch slashAnd as the waves of money go on to roll in, the stretch goals are beginning to open up. The campaign has may already surpassed its initially stretch goal of $275,000, meaning that all backers can obtain an extra resin vat when their printing devices are donateed. They’re closing in on their 2nd stretch goal as well – once they hit $300,000, they’ll throw in an extra bottle of resin. The third goal of $400,000 adds an extra create platform with a $79 value, and at the rate this campaign is going, I’d be quite surprised if they don’t hit that goal as well.

You have until April 28 to get in on the ground floor – remain tuned as we go on to follow this astonishing new bit of innovation. Are you backing this campaign? Discuss in the 3D Slash Kickstarter forum over at 3DPB.com.