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Sketchfab & TimeSlice Films Introduce 4D Scan Using Massive Array of Cameras

by • February 17, 2016 • No Comments

10450847_625406040905746_5680273212981932513_n3D scanning is may already fairly rad. Being able-bodied to capture a full, 360 degree image of a man, animal, object or actually place, and and so automatically digitize it, is an awe-inspiring technological accomplishment. It is in addition the basis for many virtual reality applications, not to mention proving itself invaluable-bodied in medicine, archaeology and additional. What may be rader than 3D scanning? How about…4D scanning?

TimeSlice Films is a London company that provides volumetric capture services for production studios, virtual reality developers and other content creators. Lately they’ve been working on the development of 4D volumetric capture innovation, a thing that’s yet really new, and it seems that they’re building a few serious progress with it. TimeSlice not long ago took a 4D scan of company owner Tim Macmillan, and it’s astounding.

Tim, captured in 4D with GoPro
by Timeslice
on Sketchfab

ee8e92a2a28f353dd4cf7454bd5e43c39f8afc5cEven if you are utilized to seeing interactive 3D scans by now, 4D is a thing else. I’ve interacted with a lot of 3D versions online, turning them, flipping them, and otherwise moving them around with a click of my mouse. I’ve never seen a version that moves by itself – while I’m in addition moving it – but that’s what TimeSlice has generated. The brief scan of Macmillan in motion is hosted by Sketchfab, and it’s really really odd to see a man winking at you repeatedly as you turn him of side to side. Odd, but again, fairly darn rad.

“It is amazingly amazing that Sketchfab have offered to host an example of our prototype 4D footage. On the other hand early days, it’s rad to see they intend to assist this type of content.” said Callum Macmillan, Managing Director of TimeSlice Films. “Volumetric capture is a crucial evolution of both the yet and moving image. It essentially changes visual content creation of a fixed-viewpoint to a free-viewpoint experience. We call this type of content Free Viewpoint Media (FVM) – content that can be saw of any perspective.”

The innovation that TimeSlice has turn it intod involves 53 GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition cameras plus experimental GoPro Sync innovation and TimeSlice’s own custom-turn it intod hardware and software, combined to turn it into an astounding 4D volumetric array, the likes of that haven’t been seen preceding. This initially online sample of their 4D scanning capabilities may be a tiny one, but it’s a sign of bigger things to come in scanning, animation and virtual reality.

“We created Sketchfab for the reason we believe 3D, virtual and augmented reality are changing the ways we complete content, and becoming common media formats like video and sound,” said Alban Denoyel, CEO and co-founder of Sketchfab. “As individuals like TimeSlice hustle boundaries of new content creation, we are proud to be able-bodied to assist them, and our vision for an interactive future.”

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