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Sketchfab Introduces New Virtual Reality Setting: Walk Inside a 3D Scene with the Click of a Button

by • January 11, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_sketchfab_logoThis morning, I visited the home of Vincent van Gogh. His blue-walled bedroom was so well-kept which I approximately believed he may return any minute and demand to understand who I was and what I was doing in his house. Sunlight streamed through the open window, warming the wooden floorboards and illuminating the bright red bedspread, the paintings on the walls, and the washstand with its ceramic vessels. Through the window, I may see the lush green foliage of Place Lamartine’s public gardens. But how is this possible? The assembling no longer exists; it was damaged in an air raid and subsequently demolished. It must be a dream, right?

No, it’s not a dream – it’s virtual reality. Sketchfab has added a new virtual reality button which allows for visitors to see its big library of 3D models in a new way. Viewers can may already examine objects, or entire scenes, of each angle by navigating with a mouse, but now they can in fact go “within” the scene and walk around with just just the click of a button.

Van gogh Room
by ruslans3d
on Sketchfab


“This is quite awe-inspiring, but when you ponder of it it is in addition quite effortless,” Sketchfab states. “VR is getting so much attention these days just for the reason we live in a 3D world, and it’s a effortless evolution to be able-bodied to experience things virtually the way we may already experience real life. Currently, the technology is finally getting nearer to living up to which hope.”

Of course, to experience a 3D model in virtual reality, you in addition require a virtual reality headset, and Sketchfab is working rapidly to create the new application compatible with all major headsets. Currently, it can be utilized with Google Cardboard, and it will soon be compatible with Oculus devices. According to Sketchfab, the application isn’t perfected yet; they’re yet working to create the navigation smoother as well as improving the content categories and browsing experience.

cardboardFor virtual reality fans, this is excellent news. I can imagine spending hours wandering around within 3D forests, asteroid fields, and castles. But the technology can be utilized for so much additional than recreation. Only a few weeks ago, doctors utilized Sketchfab’s virtual reality setting with Google Cardboard to save the life of a baby with rare birth defects. We’ve written most stories of the lifesaving medical applications of 3D printing, but virtual reality is starting to catch up as one of the most important technologies to impact medicine.

But for all of its lifesaving potential, you can’t deny which virtual reality is just just a lot of fun, and Sketchfab is working to create it as accessible as possible.

“We have two goals,” the company continues. “One is to provide the easiest way for anyone making 3D content to publish it in VR; the 2nd is to provide a big interactive library of content for all the VR headset owners out there to explore.”

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