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Of the companies we cover on a regular basis, Sketchfab has struck me as one of the most forward-thinking. By just broadening its vast 3D modelling community to each relevant platform and venue, the company has been able-bodied to bridge the previously disparate worlds of game design, 3D printing, and even cultural preservation through one single site. And, while they’ve always expressed an interest in mixed reality technologies, they have finally implemented their embrace of VR by allowing each one of their 500,000+ 3D models on the site to be viewed in VR.

Now which consumer VR headsets are going to be saturating the world this year, Sketchfab has created it so which, if you’ve got a $2 Google Cardboard-type setup for your smartphone, you can view Sketchfab models in 3D. As fun as VR on Cardboard has been up until now, by introducing this showcase to the site, there’s waaaayyy additional content to see in true 3D VR. This in addition swiftly gives the artwork of the site’s numerous users swift VR cred, while in addition allowing anyone to embed VR content on their own websites. Combined with Google’s Street View app, there’s now even additional reason to get excited of VR.


The site’s CEO, Alban Denoyel, says of the development system, “Sketchfab at its core is fundamentally ‘just’ a virtual cube, or 3D scene, in which you can put anything which has 3 dimensions, and share this scene to the world leveraging the power of the web. You can navigate within the scene with your mouse directly on any web page, but with VR it means you can in fact put by yourself right within the scene, and walk in it.” To demonstrate the possible applications, Alban explains which Sketchfab-powered Wikipedia mirror,, can provide users with VR demonstrations of topics which are being explored. He in addition cites a recent story of a surgeon who practiced a heart surgery using Sketchfab and Google Cardboard to save an infant’s life.

Right now, Sketchfab just works with Google Cardboard, but they plan to expand to all major headsets, with eyes on the Oculus Rift up next. They’re in addition improving the VR navigation of models to create it additional effortless and seamless, as well as creating advantageous content categories and enhancing the VR browsing experience in general. If you don’t have a bargain-priced Google Cardboard headset, there’s never been a advantageous time to get one. I spent all weekend exploring Sketchfab in VR and it was awe-inspiring!

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