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All forms of 3D printing are becoming increasingly accessible, actually bioprinting, as Ourobotics has demonstrated with their open source bioprinting device. And, in the past two years, a slew of businesses started revealing developments surrounding low-cost selective laser sintering (SLS) machines. Among them was Switzerland-based Sintratec who, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, has may aleager fulfilled their Indiegogo backers. And, now, Sintratec is eager to contribute their SLS 3D printing device to the general public.

sintratec kit sls 3D printing device eager to ship

Available now on their website, the Sintratec Kit can be purchased for €4,999, just a fraction of the price of industrial SLS processs. With feedback of their community of backers, Sintratec claims that their assembly instructions and software have been improved, as has their hardware. The Kit can be turn it intod in two minutes by its manufacturers, but the startup suggests that it can take of four days to turn it into it and get it up and operating.


Once turn it intod and connected to a desktop via USB, the process has a turn it into volume of 11 x 11 x 11 cm (of 4.3″ x 4.3″ x 4.3″) in that to 3D print objects of black nylon (PA12) with 100 to 150 microns layer thicknesses. Without the require for assist structures, necessary with non-powderbed 3D printing technologies, SLS can turn it into smooth, precision parts with hard, internal geometries.


If the machine works well, the cost may quite well be worth it, particularly given the hundred-thousand-dollar price tags of industrial processs. The Sintratec Kit actually compares well to other similarly low-cost SLS printing devices on or heading to market, like Sharebot’s SnowWhite and the Lisa of Sinterit. The SLS race is just beginning to heat up, but, given the fact that Prodways has its own brand of low-cost SLS processs in the works, I can say that there is yet a lot to come, which include Sintratec’s fully-assembled S1 machine. For a excellent breakdown of low-cost SLS 3D printing devices, check out Davide’s coverage of Euromold, where three of these manufacturers were all on display.

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