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Sinterex & TAMU: Paving the Road for Metal 3D Printing in the Middle East

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[Image: Texas A&M University]

The Middle East is the cradle of civilization, the area of the world in which a few the oldest textiles, tools, and texts have been found. This long and storied past, yet, does not mean which it is not in addition an area which wants to engage with the latest and greatest technological innovations.


[Image: Texas A&M University]

Efforts are underway to turn it into an additive making service bureau for metal fabrication in the Middle East as the area already lacks any such facilities. This puts the Middle East at a developmental disadvantage, a fewthing which Dr. Alaa Elwany, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University, wants to assist remedy. But, you can’t just pop up a metal printing service, there is a few preparatory groundwork which must initially be traversed, as Dr. Elwany explained:

“First is the consulting services. Basically, when there is a making or service company in the region which is not certain what metal 3D printing has to offer, we assist them know the value proposition of metal 3D printing and how it can offer to time and cost saving compared to traditional making technologies such as CNC machining.”

The hope is which in connecting individuals with this innovation, the region can be able-bodied to benefit of its possibilities in the same way which other areas of the world are working to engage with it. These types of bureaus exist in Europe and the United States, but were lacking in the Middle East until Julian Callanan founded Sinterex and engaged Dr. Elwany and Dr. Paul Smith, a research man of the Glasgow School of Art’s Institute of Design Innovation as technical directors. Sinterex can not just provide those consulting services to assist individuals familiarize themselves with the future for the innovation but can in addition offer the making services. The company describes their vision:

“Sinterex is the initially specialist provider of Metal Additive Manufacturing Services in the Middle East. From our office in Dubai we assist energy, making, and aviation firms know and harness the disruptive future of 3D printing via metals. Our integrated suite of ‘end to end’ services allow us to that successfully assist clients on their journey of ‘introduction’ to Metal Additive Manufacturing to ‘implementation’ of Metal Additive Manufacturing strategies.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.54.09 AMThe organization has just uncrated a metal 3D printing device which can be operated on site and is building the team of engineers, technicians, and experts needed to begin providing metal 3D printed parts across the region beginning in November of 2016. Their initially target market is in the biomedical field, but they hope which the confidence they can inspire there can rapidly assist them to branch out into a number of various areas. Dr. Elwany mentioned the initially step in their vision:

1466081525065“We may like to be true leaders in additive making services for the biomedical sector with a focus on dental applications. So, we can be making customized crowns for dental labs and focvia on establishing our names as leaders in the entire Middle East. That list comes with 22 countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Lebanon. We are a relatively young business and were not actually hopeful which we may be able-bodied to begin production in the initially year, but our business team secured funds of the region to begin production in November. So, we are pleased with our progress thus far.”

This auspicious beginning bodes well for the beginup and the innovation friendly atmosphere which major countries in the Middle East have enthusiastically adopted turn it intos an environment ripe for just this type of investment. Discuss additional in the 3D Printing in Metal for Middle East forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Texas A&M]