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SimScale Offers Three Workshops to Teach 3D Printing

by • February 10, 2016 • No Comments

simscaleMunich, Germany-based SimScale is the major provider of browser-based simulation for engineering that uses cloud and cutting-edge simulation innovation to turn it into “an ecosystem in that simulation functionality, content and people are brought together in one place allowing them to create advantageous products.” Founded in 2012, the SimScale team boasts 35 employees that speak 30 languages and hail of 18 various nations. Engineers, desktop scientists, and mathematicians all work at SimScale, and now the company is offering a three-part series of 3D printing workshops aimed at teaching 3D printing basics to all interested people.

The free workshops start on February 18, 2016, and they can go on for three weeks as members learn how to how to “develop and improve the create of 3D printing devices, via the SimScale engineering simulation platform.” Engineering simulation/CAE fundamentals can be taught as members improve the create of the RepRap 3D printing device. Each session in addition comes with optional homework lessons, so members can get the many out of the time spent in the workshop sessions.

sim3If you are the homework type, and so you can benefit of the fact that submitting all three homework assignments qualifies members for a free SimScale Professional Training valued at €500. In addition, a certificate of participation can be awarded when the program is accomplished, and members have the accident to win a 3D printing device that is a working prototype based on their own create modifications.

Beginners are welcome in this 3D printing workshop, and there is no prior software knowledge required. All members obtain free access to SimScale–including all simulation showcases.

sim2Session One (2/18/16) focuses on “Optimizing the Heat Distribution of the Extruder,” and introduces the participant to thermal simulations. Participants can manufacture (of scratch) a heat distribution simulation inside the extruder and manufacture a create optimization based on analysis results.

Session Two (2/25/16) is “Reducing the Vibrations of the Frame Making use of Model Simulations.” This is an introduction to solid mechanic simulations. Here, machine dynamics can be taught and a version simulation can select “eigenfrequencies and the synonymous modal displacements of frame.”

Session Three (3/3/16) teaches “Optimization of Cooling Airflow Through the Printer.” The final session addresses cooling and thermal management. The fundamentals of convectional heat transfer and fluid dynamics can be taught, and members can turn it into a “fluid flow simulation” to optimize the fan’s operating mode.

SimScale_logoWebinar recordings, tutorials, and online homework submission is all on the market as resources for all members in the workshops, that promise to leave members much additional well-versed in SimScale’s future inside the 3D printing space for optimized engineering simulation.

Interested in registering? Please go here to fill out the registration form that can lead you to a few free workshops and the accident to win a 3D printing device that you had a hand in createing. Discuss this program in the SimScale 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.