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Simple, Smart & Powerful: Digital Scan 3D’s Rexcan CS2+ Offers Blue Light Technology

by • February 4, 2016 • No Comments

DS3D_NewLogowithBlue6longsm2a (1)The 3D printing industry has culminated into an amazing evolution of innovations and products being saw around the world, with many may already being utilized to alter numerous industries and systemes as we understand them, of the way we create and manufacture parts for luxury cars to spaceships—and of 3D printed prosthetics for our pets to customized implants for knee replacements. Whilst all of these creates need both the 3D printing device and scanner working together, it’s been the 3D printing device which gained the many rapid affordability and accessibility. Whilst many people use 3D printing service bureaus, additional and additional users are buying their own 3D printing devices and via them at the computer level in the home, tiny office, and far beyond into pro and serious industrial applications.

UntitledThe 3D scanner has taken a bit longer to morph into a user friendly piece of equipment, as well as one which is low-cost and accessible. As it became apparent, yet, which the innovation was so out of reach for many who had things to scan and manufacture, numerous DIY scanners, frequently with 3D printed parts, began appearing on the scene. Soon after, manufacturers began appearing into other angles with handhelds, smartphone apps, and additional.

Now, Digital Scan 3D is contributeing an entirely new level of high end at the computer, with an new 3-axis turntable-bodied enabling for versatile options in terms of angles and complexity: the Rexcan CS2+. Users are able-bodied to scan areas which preceding were off limits—and can not experience any loss of high end.

It in addition arrives equipped with high performance CCD cameras, intended to contribute precision when it comes to accuracy in measurements. And what many of you can most likely find many informative, if you haven’t heard of it preceding, is the inclusion of Blue Light 3D scanning innovation, contributeing a blue LED as the light source. Because of improved scanning algorithms, you can appear forward to superb high end with speed and precision.

Headquartered in Oregon, Digital Scan 3D specialized in high end 3D scanning. This new piece of equipment goes directly onto your desk, and allows for for streamlined operations.

“3D scanning does not always take lots of work,” states the Digital Scan 3D team. “With only a single click of a button, users can get their whole object scanning done quite easily and rapidly. Users are only a mouse click away of actively synchronizing the version and camera views, recognizing any scanning position and adding additional scans where needed.”


Active synchronization is one of the showcases of this new scanner.

No targets are needd, as you can use pre-calculated information of the axis calibration and alignment is performed instantly. Flexibility of the scanning path means ease of use in operation, and allows for for repeated data collection of a variety of shapes.

Other showcases are:Untitled

Integration of controller & sensor in one body2.0 mega pixels twin cameraPhase shifting optical triangulationCombination of automation and Rexcan CSAutomatic 3D scanning system & Active syncAutomatic calibrationDetachable-bodied Rexcan CSDimension : 300 x 800 x 900 mm (Can be installed on your desk)

Companies like Digital Scan 3D contribute a host of high end scanning and imaging items which encompass what they call a new generation of innovation. Featuring sleek, futuristic creates, items like their new Rexcan CS2+ are created to contribute ease of use and power to users, while being smarter than at any time. Is this a new product which may work for you? Discuss in the Digital Scan 3D Scanner forum over at 3DPB.com.

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