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Simone Fontana releases 22-piece 3D printed Tracer Gun from Overwatch – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb. 27, 2016 | By Kira
Blizzard’s future Overwatch is one of the many highly anticipated multiplayer games of the year, and in fact yet the official release is not for another few months (it’s expected on or preceding June 21st, 2016), dedicated fans are may already plotting their 3D printed props and cosplay costumes. Luckily for them, Simone Fontana has just released the files for a 3D printed option of Tracer’s gun, turn it intod of 22 3D printed parts that are effortless to assemble and require really little post-systeming.

Fontana, known to his sizeable social media future just as FNTSMN, has turn it intod really a name for himself at the intersection of gaming and 3D printing culture. The young Italian createer has released a steady flow of 3D printed video game replicas, that include this full-scale light-up option Fiora’s Project Sword, the Furious Power Fist of Fallout 4, and 3D printed Hearthstone cards. He’s in addition the founder 3DNA, and not just does he regularly release awe-inspiring 3D printed projects, he in addition puts together short time-lapse videos to show his fans how it’s done. It all makes us wonder where he finds the time to sleep.
His latest project, the 3D printed Tracer Gun of Overwatch, was one of the many rigorous and challenging replicas he’s at any time attempted, but the end outcome was well-worth the time an effort.

Fontana told 3Ders.org that he initially decided to return it into the Tracer gun after doing a few research into Overwatch’s main characters and stumbling upon Tracer, who is defined as a “time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good,” who can zip through space and blast enemies with not one, but two rapid-fire pistols.
With his mind turn it intod-up, he got to work on 3D optionling Tracer’s gun based off of various types of image references. “Getting all of the turn it into showcases right was really tricky for the reason of the various curves, that is not effortless to get 100% accurate without spending hours creating the surface in Rhino,” explained Fontana. “I requireed almany 6-8 hours to turn it into the ideal tolerance in the option so that every part may fit together without problems.” In total, the turn it into system took six full days preceding Fontana was pleased with the outcomes.

Finally, it was time to 3D print. In order to cut down on the post-systeming time, Fontana decided to 3D print every part in its appropriate color. He utilized the Wasp Delta 20×40 for the majority, yet in addition had his Dremel and Ultimaker 2 on deck to 3D print the top white parts and grey parts, respectively. In all, the 3D printing system took roughly 21 hours, but that is manyly for the reason he modified his printing device settings to complete a heavier and additional realistic mass for the gun.
The assembly system is shown both in his time-lapse video, at a lower place, and in this Keyshot render animation, howat any time as Fontana explained, many parts just fit together without the require for glue or screws (if you can in fact be playing with it or want it to be additional strong, he does recommend gluing the parts for extra strength). Users in addition have the option of adding a few final touches, such as metallic and blue paint details—and for maximum character-auand soticity, be certain to 3D print two.

“I love 3D printing and 3D turn it into, and on top of that if I can add to the video game side, well and so it’s just ideal,” said Fontana. “I in addition love to share with all the individuals future me work what I’ve learned with every challenge, and the future of the this innovation. I can work for hours and hours, but in the end, it’s all worth it for the reason of the community feedback. All this pushes me to do other rigorous turn it intos with in fact advantageous showcases!”
Howat any time, he in addition admitted that one of the greatest challenges in 3D printing is coming face to face with users who copy turn it intos without permission, or in fact use them for commercial purposes: “Creating these objects take a lot of time and effort, I hope in the near future individuals can know this and alter.” It can be a complex message to share as 3D printing continues to grow, yet for a community that prides itself on openness and accessibility, it is as significant as at any time.

The 3D print files for this Overwatch Tracer Gun are already free to download on MyMiniFactory (under an MMF copyright, of course). Up future, Fontana plans to turn it into a few additional Overwatch 3D prints, that include futurely a 50cm tall Bastion, as well as a 2nd option of the Tracer Gun with electronic components and the faculty to alter colors with a smartphone app. Whichat any time he decides to do future, we are certain it won’t be long preceding we hear of him again.

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