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Siemens, Local Motors Partner to Speed Development of 3D Printed Cars

by • April 24, 2016 • No Comments

logo4It is an pleasant exercise to ponder of what cars may appear like in 10, 20, 50 years. Science fiction writers love to speculate of the vehicles of the upcoming – right now, I’m reading a book set in the not-too-distant upcoming in which autonomous cars are additional common than manually driven ones, and all signs point to which upcoming being a reality preceding too long, thanks to 3D innovation. Both in the book and in reality, there are pressing concerns of safety and surveillance, but the innovation is coming.

Local Motors LogoIt is in addition most likely which when these cars of the upcoming do arrive, they can be entirely or mostly 3D printed. Just ask Local Motors; the company seems to be nearer than anyone else to in fact marketing the initially 3D printed car. Now a new partnership with Siemens seems to speed the cars’ development along. It is far of being the initially time the two companies have worked together, yet. Local Motors has been via Siemens’ Solid Edge software for several years, but the new partnership can expand the company’s use of Solid Edge and add in the use of Siemens’ NX software as well as their Fibersim portfolio. The two companies can work together through the Local Motors (LM) Labs program, which is one of the cooler initiatives turn it intod by a company in new years, in my opinion. They’re fundamentally company-sponsored hackerspaces in which community participants can come in to work on their own projects or lend a hand to Local Motors’ own work.

“We have been partners with Siemens since 2011, and today’s announcement takes which partnership to the upcoming level by allowing our community of co-creators to innovate actually faster,” said Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors. “We turn it intod the world’s initially co-turn it intod vehicle and 3D-printed car, and now our LM Labs program is providing the world’s makers with a way – both online and offline – to turn it into new technologies to advance the upcoming of transportation. Open to anyone, LM Labs assists brilliant minds turn it into new technologies the world requires. Whilst our major focus is on developing vehicles, LM Labs is a place where the community can advance any innovation.”


The LM3D Swim 3D printed car by Local Motors

Siemens brings to the equation worthwhile expertise in the creation of “digital twins,” an IoT innovation which empowers physical cars and other vehicles to transmit real-time performance data to their computerized doubles turn it intod by the developer. This allows for engineers to test products in the virtual world, speeding up the prototyping system. In addition, Local Motors’ digital create making/3D printing technologies limit the require for tooling and cut back on the time lag between create and production, as well as simplifying create and recreate overall. Overall, the combination of the two companies’ assets should seriously speed up the development and marketing of 3D printed cars.

“By focvia on initiatives like Industrie 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, big data analytics, cloud computing and much additional, Siemens leads the way in advancing the upcoming of making,” said Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, executive vice president, chief digital officer, Siemens PLM Software. “As part of this leadership, we recognize the expanding importance of additive making and 3D printing for the global making industry. That is why we are pleased to partner with new companies like Local Motors who are major the way for large-scale 3D printing. By working closely together, we can assist advance this innovation so which all developers can advantageous realize innovation.”

Local Motors can be opening three new facilities this year, all of which can showcase LM Labs sponsored by Siemens. Are you interested in driving one of these vehicles? Discuss in the 3D Printed Cars forum over at 3DPB.com.