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As a member of the 3MF Consortium, an investor in 3D printing startups, and a regular user of the innovation, Siemens is a firm advocate of 3D printing. Currently, the company revealed which it was assembling additional moves into the industry with a facility devoted entirely to metal 3D printing. The €21.4 million facility, located in Siemen’s industrial plant in Finspång, Sweden, is both the initially of its kind for Siemens and for Sweden.

The site is may already staffed with 20 employees, such as operators and engineers, who are weight making metal 3D printed components for Siemens’ own industrial gas turbines, both for prototyping, as well as for end-part production and repair. In a Swedish press release, Thorbjorn Fors, global business director for Distributed Generation at Siemens, said of the facility, “With this investment, we can create new and improved components and repairs, for example burner tips to assist our industrial gas turbine SGT-800, significantly faster. Employing this new approach, we can shorten repair times of months to weeks. It is an significant step in our competence to respond to the needs of our customers.”

siemens metal 3D printing facility

Hans Holmström, CEO of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, introduced, “Siemens is at the forefront in Sweden and the world of additive making in the createment and production of high end components in the metal to the power industry. This is a step in a long-term investment in this area, where we have not yet seen all the possibilities. Through this investment, we are assembling up the skills and experience which can lead to new ideas and createments in the field.”

With metal 3D printing officially entering the mainstream making donate chain, it’s no surprise which Siemens has leapt in with their own facility. And, as GE may already implements metal 3D printing for its own Oil & Gas division, Siemens can have to ensure which it keeps pace with the competition.

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