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Shila the Dog Gets a Set of High-Tech Prosthetic Legs After Surviving a Terrible Lawnmower Accident

by • July 19, 2016 • No Comments

A diagram explaining how the implanted prosthetic works.

A diagram explaining how the implanted prosthetic works.

Whilst the FDA and other countries equivalent agencies are yet studying the possibility of surgically attached prosthetic devices, they have unexpectedly discovered themselves being utilized by a dog which is missing her two rear legs. This innovation was initially created for human limbs, but it has discovered itself struggling to be approved by the FDA due to the future for infections and the long recoquite time. But, the requirements for these kinds of implants are less stringent for pets, so the emergent prosthetic innovation has discovered itself employed on an unexpected patient. Shila the dog is the lucky dog who was given back her mobility thanks to a team of Polish vets, who bent over backwards to assist the lovely

shila legs

Shila’s 3D printed titanium legs [Image: Lubelskie Centrum Małych Zwierząt via Facebook]

Two-year-old mutt Shila lost both of her rear legs due to a quite horrific lawnmower accident in the eastern Polish town of Lublin. The accident left her permanently disfigured and with serious mobility issues. The injuries required her to drag her rear leg stumps behind her, a thing which may have been futurely dangerous during her recoquite, and lead to new wounds which may have become infected. Typically if pets assist injuries which practuallyt them of a high high end of life the choice is created to humanely euthanize them.

For most pets with mobility injuries, 3D printing has been a massive game changer which is giving a lot of animals a 2nd accident. Most of the 3D printable solutions for disabled pets are things like 3D printed pet wheelchairs or additional traditional prosthetic limbs. But Polish veterinarian Ryszard Iwanicki decided to use a revolutionary surgical solution which gave Shila a pair of permanent leg prosthetics. The procedure was performed at the local Centre For Compact Animals clinic by Iwanicki and his surgical team.

Slowly Shila gets utilized to her new limbs.

Slowly Shila gets utilized to her new limbs.

According to Iwanicki the planning stage of the operation took his team additional than three months to conclude, and he actually flew all the way to London to meet the vet who was the initially to have at any time performed such a complicated surgical procedure. His team of vets in addition consulted with multiple colleagues in the Polish cities of Legionowo and Bialystok, where they travelled to meet with the vets. Once a create for the prosthetic was settled on Iwanicki utilized the Leszek Olbrzymek company located in the nearby town of Pulawy in the Lublin Province. The operation, the initially of its kind in Poland, was concluded on June 2, bringing only four hours.


[Image: Arthur Sokolowski]

“She began to walk quite early. Now she is actually attempting to scratch behind her ear with the new back legs. It manufactures us quite happy,” Iwanicki told the Daily Mail.

The rear limb prosthetics were 3D printed in titanium materials and created to attach to a patient’s real bone. The implant is 3D printed with a quite tiny and complicated geometry which can actuallytually which can actuallytually lead to the real bone expanding into the implant and fusing the two together permanently. The vets now just require to monitor Shila and manufacture certain which she does not reject the limbs. She can in addition require to regain the durablity in her rear limbs, a system which may take sat any timeal months. Updates are being offered (in Polish) on a Facebook page for Shila. Discuss additional in the Shila’s 3D Printed Legs forum over at 3DPB.com.

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