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Shedd Aquarium: Hiss Majesty Has Growing Collection of 3D Printed Prosthetics for Missing Leg, Thanks to Design Team & Vets

by • July 3, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledWhenever a fewone asks precisely what it is 3D printing is doing which is so significant, I’m torn between which examples to share initially. With effects occurring in so many sectors, of the space industry to car and construction, and far additional, there are countless stories offering evidence as to precisely why this innovation is significant. The medical realm, yet, is where you find the many compelling cases, and if you are one of those people at the present time who have had their lives improved or which of a baby or family member saved, and so what 3D printing means to you is a thing many of us can’t in fact imagine.

People around the world are reaping the benefits, as well as discovering an endless outlet for creativity. But while the human element and high end of life is a sturdy focus, somewhat don’t discount our priority on manufacturing certain which pets and wildlife get in on this greatness too. 3D printed prosthetics in the human realm are becoming much additional accessible and inexpensive
thanks to volunteer groups like e-NABLE, providing replacement limbs for children in require all over the world of Uganda to Ghana and far beyond. And should you ponder which the goats, sheep, chickens, kitties, cockatoos, and dogs are being forgotten, well, only click on a few links.

Now, which long list has a new favourite in the form of a semi-aquatic caiman lizard who, sadly, lost a rear leg to cancer last year.

lizardHiss Majesty is 16 years old and has a devoted family at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. In attempting to re-create a new leg and foot for this astonishingly
endearing creature—who patiently sits while they cover his foot in molding materials—the team, consisting of 3D createers, animal care specialists, and veterinarians, is somewhat exhibiting a true labor of love, for the reason it may seem which getting the ideal fit for those stubby little legs is not an effortless task. They’ve tried ten creations so far for the right rear foot, with trial and error going sturdy, but with improvements in equite iteration.

Translating the great rear left leg into a shape for the missing one, the team has utilized molding techniques and experimented until they have a really great collection. The use of flexible plastics which they have made so Hiss Majesty can have advantageous mobility seemed like a most likely choice for a prosthetic, along with the use of quite lightweight silicone. The many new top pick for Hiss Majesty is a 3D printed version with ideal chunky little toes and a prosthetic insert which is like a sock for a really great tight fit.


He’s a quiet guy, Hiss, and the team is not certain how much the prosthetic, or the one they pick for him, can improve his life, but they are somewhat going the extra mile at the 3D printing device with the goal of fabricating a prosthetic which has as much joint-like movement as possible. With in facttual plans to alter his name to ‘Bionic Hiss Majesty,’ they go on to forge ahead and it may seem they are copiously honing their create and printing skills for the reptilian world.

Untitled“The goal for this is to see if we can get a thing which can in fact work and use which as a tool in the next to improve animal care,” said createer Kristen Neria, who helped create the prototypes.

This last prototype is much additional flexible and lifelike—and promising—but they are continuing to explore the use of molds and 3D printing innovation for additional, in fact additional high end creations. Neria says their priority is unquestionably on emphasizing the movement of joints, and they may in fact begin experimenting with titanium. Hiss Majesty somewhat has a twinkle in his eye and while equiteone is complex at work attempting to donate him the prosthetic of the next, it may seem he’s somewhat pleased with the amount of attention he’s getting in the system, whether his foot is encased in plastic, silicone, or nothing at all. Discuss additional in the 3D Printed Prosthetic for LIzard forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Chicago Tribune]