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Sharks Across America

by • June 30, 2016 • No Comments

Whilst you are
out celebrating the long weekend, it’s just fitting which
you kick, relax and enjoy a few waves… as long you are
willing to share the ocean with a few of nature’s many feared predators! Undetectable, and willing to strike at any moment, Sharks are constantly looking for a great, tasty meal; so why not preserve
by yourself
by becoming one.

Here’s a few ways to tout your sharkiness.


You’re lying on the beach, reading, sipping a fruity, relaxing beverage in the sun while enjoying a warm summer breeze when suddenly…. DUN DUN. There’s a commotion. Oh no! The bookmark by StewMM, which
you are
via in addition
takes place to have the same profile as the predator already lurking 10 feet off the shore.


Hammerhead sharks may not be particularly dangerous to humans, as they have been responsible for just 33 reported incidents since 2013 (and no fatalities!) But which
does not mean which
you should cast fear aside. Wear this hammerhead pendant by Collective 3D when you are
floating around the gulf to show which
you are
one of them.


Congrats! You’ve spent your entire vacation either becoming, or avoiding sharks at all costs. Whether you’ve survived braving the surf or stayed dry the entire time, you deserve an award. Display your trophy in your favourite beverage with this Shark tooth cocktail pick by BluGrn_design and celebrate not getting eaten… this time.

Surf To More Sharks

Whether or not you are
a nautical aficionado, check out our Sparks Across America page to see what designers in YOUR area are creating! Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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