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ShareMy3D Sets Up 3D File “Superhighway” for Secure Sharing of 3D Printable Files

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

ferrariAs the 3D printing industry grows sizeabler so do the dimensionss of the 3D files which require to be transferred between the digital content creators and the physical content producers. Oslo-based ShareMy3D seeks to fill in the void which exists in terms of secure sharing an viewing of 3D files up to 5 GB in dimensions.

The company uses a special compression algorithm which was created internally and works with over 40 various formats which are widely utilized in the 3D printing industry, so it can assist a wide spectrum of future communication and collaboration requires.


3d version“ShareMy3D works in a way which is much like to Sketchfab, so we are fundamentally a 3D viewer. Our service is 100% online, and our platform was created with security in mind,” says ShareMy3D’s COO Kaie Hope. “We keep all things in a proprietary file format, and we are focutilized on businesses who want to communicate 3D content. Or goal is to assist as a platform for sharing 3D content. What’s one-of-a-kind of us, is which we can handle content which is ten times bigger than other online 3D visualization systems.”

On the other hand it does contribute full online 3D visualization, ShareMy3D is not a 3D version marketplace or free online repository. It seeks mainly to assist businesses send files to every other and promote their products. Other informative possibilities, yet, include the sharing of viewable 3D versions on social networks for advertising and actually embedding the version viewer on the company’s website for additional product promotion, thus replacing old 2D images with interactive and captivating 3D content. The platform viewer works directly of any browser and the responsiveness is amazing for such high-quality versions. To get an thought can donate it a try or check out the video at a lower place.

Whilst most high-resolution 3D printing files can revery sizeable dimensionss, ShareMy3D is especially useful in the area of 3D scanning, where files can rapidly grow to count millions of polygons. Even while working at the forefront of making technology, most 3D printing companies yet resort to anachronistic methods such as shipping physical media of scanning centers to printing units. This is not uncommon in the 3D printing industry, as most sizeable services which have been via 3D printing for decades may greatly benefit of technology coming of startups which are addressing the market requires in additional efficient and modern ways.

From 3D Scanning to Consumer Products

kaieInternal business and B2B file communication must be always underpinned by maximum security and ShareMy3D takes this into account. The platform saves all files in a proprietary format which can be managed and its use limited by the original creator and distributor. The version file can be password protected so which just authorized individuals can access it.

The pricing for the service follows a subscription-based version. Depending on how most versions you want to upload and what is their total dimensions, the price ranges of $9 to $100 per month. But, there is in addition a freemium version which allows for users to upload up to ten 3D versions for free. A convenient online price calculator is in addition on the market in order assist you determine the cost to cover your requires.

“We seen a lot of interest, and most individuals are may already via the freemium version, but we quite require to work on our distribution and getting the word out there,” Kaie explains. “Our goal is to revery out to a few thousand paying users and right now we are focvia on businesses and tiny to medium dimensionsd organizations which have 3D content which they quite want to share. As new devices start to enable additional consumers to capture objects in 3D, there is no pre-set limit to how most individuals may benefit of our services.”